Day 156:Klagenfurt – Rammingstein(95km) – Distance travelled so far 9,387km “23%, you gotta be kiddin me!!”

The town of Klagenfurt on lake Worshee

After a good nights sleep, we were both ready for the day ahead. Cycling along the lake for the first couple of kilometers, we stopped in a small town for some breakfast. After a quick cup of tea and apple cakes we headed for the hills.

The start of it

Tis always rewarding, turning around, and seeing what you’ve done

Feelin good

Hill talk

The scenery is wonderful


Beautiful lookin towns in Austria

Up and up and up and up….

After a quick break in a small town, it was back to business once again. We knew this would be the toughest part of the day.

A bit worried

The 23% climb…

The day was beginning to be a bit of a slog. Turning ever corner, we were frustrated to see yet another hill. We kept the heads down and ploughed on. After 3 hours of constant climbing we finally made it to the top. Absolutely knackered, we tapped each other on the back and prepared for our well earned decent….

A sledge at the resort town on the summit

The summit town

The decent.

It was certainly an amazing decent. We travelling over 20kms without even peddeling. Mike’s speedometer clocked the fastest speed……

The proof…74.4kms….good going, eh?

The day had been a mighty success. Acheiving 90kms with the terrain was a great achievement. We bedded down for the night, knowing that tomorrow was to more or less the same as todays cycle.

Campsite beside a river

Day 155:Ljubljana – Klagenfurt(Austria)(118km) – Distance travelled so far 9,292km “The Alps”

Waking in our campsite this morning, we knew what was in store for the day….crossing the border into Austria but also alot of climbing uphill.

Saw Iggy Pop at the campsite!!


The first 40kms of the day were very nice with lovely rolling terrain and beautiful scenery, but in the distance stood the Alps, and they were only getting closer!!

Timber framing, for drying hay

Bring them bad boys on….

Drying hay

Slovenian telephone poles

Just before our first climb up the Alps, we came accross a sign indicating that bikes were not permitted beyond this point. If we were to turn back, and go another route, we definately wouldn’t make it to Austria today..So , of course, we decided ignore the sign and keep moving…

No bikes????We ain’t turning back…

Here we go

A camp from WWII on route to the border

The boder of Slovenia/Austria is approx at 1300m and is joined be a 1.5km tunnel. The tunnel was built be concentration camp prisoners during the second world war.

A memorial to the workers that built the tunnel

Entering the tunnel in Slovenia….

Exiting in Austria

A decent. Good start to Austria

An interestinbg water fountain

After our good days work we reached Klagenfurt. We did a small bit of research into tomorrows cycle and found out that the the town was at 400m and that we would have to climb a pass of over 1700m….

Another campsite for the night

Campsite talk

sleep tight

Day 154:Rijeka – Ljubljana (Slovenia)(120km) – Distance travelled so far 9,174km “Slovenia, the foothills of the Alps”

The last sea we will see till Calais in France

Leaving Croatia

Crossing the border was hassle free. A quick stamp and we were sent on our way. We will be in the EU for the remainder of the trip, the passports shall be put to the bottom of the pannier bags….


Some nice lushous countryside

Reminds us of home

Lookin gooood

More noise and speed

WWII memorial

A ski jump. Not quite the time of year

Cycling lane, we love thee


City Center