Pokhara (Rest Days)

Day 49 & 50: Pokhara (Rest Days) Distance travelled so far 2,182 km “Paragliding, Tree Chopping, Entering the Bat-Cave, The Surly Trucker and The Wedding Invitation”

Pokhara is a little gem of a place….Its vibrant and damn pretty to boot..and its where we are going to let our hair down for a day or two, park up the cycles and have some fun….If you ever visit Nepal, spend alot of it in Pokhara!!!!

We decide to start the morning with a full Irish Breakfast…..followed by a trip to some local bat caves….Fetch Alfred then!!!!!

Brian and Mike prepare to go deep into the caves….Away with ye lads!!!!!

….and such peaceful little scamps too

Blatant disregard to any cave warnings…..

Between a rock and a hard place……

Lets hope this “dust been” maker is still in the job!!!!!

After this funny little observation around the caves, we stumble across some tree-felling…….Enjoy!!!


We then do a tandem paraglide jump with the good folks at Sunrise Paragliding. Nepal is one of the best places in the world to paraglide so Brian and Mike were in their elements….as this is an activity which they regularly enjoy back home…. Great time was had on this one……

Mike and Paul asking about reserve parachutes…..

Paul ready to rock….Mike standing by…..No turning back now!!!!!

Brian mid flight at over 3500m…..

Nice shot of The Lakeside District of Pokhara

Whilst Brian went back to Kathmandu to collect his new bicycle, Mike and Paul were invited to a big wedding feast just outside Pokhara. We were treated like Kings whilst we were there….Check out some of the pics and footage….

Unusual tree roots on our way to our host family…..

Our Nepalese foster family….

Mike cautious around a frisky buffalo!!

Local housing….cosy out!!!

The Backstreet Boys

Nanu displaying her traditional nepalese/indian bridal hand designs…all in advance of the wedding ceremony

It is Nepalese tradition/custom to kill a goat to be eaten at the the wedding ceramony….We got to witness this today…..We do have some footage of the goat’s last supper…..


The Happy Couple…..Hip Pip…….Hurrrrahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!…..It is a pretty formal affair…and yes with lots of emphasis on money/gifts…..Agghhhh…Weddings…Got to love them!!!!!!!!!!!

Hindu for the afternoon….When in Rome!!!!!!!!

Enjoying the wedding reception….

The Wedding Feast

Beef or Salmon?……..Na….We will have the Goat, cauliflour and rice mish-mash thank you!!!!!…..Our wedding meal was also washed down with a glass of mineral water…..

No wedding is complete without some crazy dancing antics from the in-laws…..We observed the local dance patterns and quickly decided that we would turn up the heat on this wedding…..Thankfully Brian made it back in time (with the new bike) to display his tidy foot work….Check us out “lording the dance-floor”….

Of course we were quickly out-manouvered by a local woman “ridding the demons” from her soul…..Blast it!!!!!!!!!!!!….Quite bizzare stuff this one…..We reckoned she was milking it towards the end though!!


Once the wedding feast ended, we decided to prepare ourselves for a good 6-7 day cycle to the Indian border of Banbasa and onwards to New Dehli….We enjoyed Pokhara emensely…and it is definately a place where a potential re-visit is on the cards…..

Fairwells to Sibu (our host) and his family….

Good times at the Boral household

Onwards to India for Thaireland……..

Until the next day…take care

The lads

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