Kathmandu – Maleku (68km)

Day 46: Kathmandu – Maleku (68km) Distance travelled so far 2,051 km“Our meeting with The UN”

After our preparations in Kathmandu, we are ready to rock n’ roll again…rented bike n’ all!!!!….we are still very determined to cycle on no matter what….

Manic Streets of Kathmandu…People love using their hooters/bells/whistles here…Its just constant noise…24/7….Manic

Ready for Road again….Yahoo!!!

Taxi-Driver going over some road directions with us!!!

Meeting the UN on our way out of Kathmandu…The young lady to Brian’s right later got on her tippy-toes to even things up….Nice guys….It gets better though!!!

The Nenagh man

We then meet Sean from Nenagh, Co Tipperary….The UN are currently ensuring the compliance between Rebel soldiers and the Nepalese army since Peace Treaties were signed between them some time ago….All seems well according to Sean….Great laugh was had….Irish meeting Irish in the middle of Kathmandu!!!……Best of luck Sean and to all your UN crew….Very nice meeting you all…and thanks for the water too!!

Thaireland with the UN…Good Times!!!

Stopping for Lunch 35km outiside Kathmandu…..Folks here… puzzled by our presence….Incidentally….The young man in the middle of the picture is sporting an Avril Lavigne t-shirt…Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles are also adored by many 20-something year olds in these parts…..The food in this finely run establishment was D-O-D-G-E-Y out.

Young kids posing with us about 30 km from Maleku

Sun setting in our faces….Heading West….About time eh…..Yeahhhh!!!!!!

Reaching Maleku….Very famous region for smoked fish…..This shall also be our resting place tonight…..

Our shower for tonight…..Well…a bird bath to be exact….

Nice mattress!!!!!…..Yes that’s ours too…..1 room for 1 night for all three of us.. for just 2 euros…Sweet!!!

Could this be The Last Supper!!!!

Our family hosts..They also taught us some traditional Nepalese folk songs….Reson-Pi-Di-Di,,,,,Reson-Pi-Di-Di…..Reson-Pi-Di-Di…..You know how it goes…..

Day 47: Maleku – Damauli (80km) Distance travelled so far 2,131 km “Nothing to see here”

We hit the road to Damauli filled with French Toast and Sweet tea…..Its going to be a long rocky road to Damauli so we are on the road for 7:45am…..

About 25km in, we stop to have a gander at Nepal’s Giant Banyon Tree…Well it was free…so why not!!!

The Banyon Tree….

Nepalese traffic…..

Day 48: Damauli – Pokhara (51km) Distance travelled so far 2,182 km “Rocky road to Pokhara..but well worth it…..”

We left Damuali knowing that a short stint (4hrs) would led us to Pokhara. Pokhara is one of the main tourist hotspots in Nepal, offering world class paragliding/parasailing, bat-caving, treking, white water rafting and a whole host of other exiting stuff….

We stop about 20km for an early morning egg-fest….Check out our cooking skills…..

Breakfast Part 1

Breakfast Part 2

On entering Pokhara, we see many falcons thermaling over our heads. It is also a great time to enjoy some of the sites and people on the way

Brian chilling just outside Pokhara

A whiskey somehow affiliated with a hygiene product!!! Mmmmm…….No doubt there would be some pretty wild “visions” after this bit of tipple

We tried to get these two ladies to smile….Perhaps a potential Mona Lisa on the left????…You decide!!

We check into a place called The Yeti Guesthouse (Yeti’s do too exist!!!) and check out what Pokhara has to offer….Should be a good couple of days in a quality spot…..

Slan leat,

The Lads.

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