Tingri – Kathmandu

Day 44&45: Tingri – Kathmandu “Bye Bye Tibet……Nepal here we come…..but where is the light switch!!!!!”

After our unusual overnight stay in Tingri with its Yak “turd/poop” orientated stoves, we hit the road for Nepal. The morning is absolutley freezing and the road conditions are treacherous to say the least….

The trek from Tingri to the the border of Nepal came with one massive problem…. Ridiculous poor roads!!!!!

An unfortunate driver on an unfortunate road…..(FYI….there was a 1,000 meter drop to just off that side)

Paul got a little anxious……Outside his window was a sheer verticle drop of over 1,000 meters!!!! Ahghghghgh…….Yes his am white with absolute terror in this pic…..

Don’t Look down!!!!!!!

Us with Dako….Lunatic driver….The man that navigated us through the worst roads we have ever seen!!!

Arriving in Nepal and our first impressions….Really lush again and very picturesque….Ahhhhh!!

Terraced mountain farms in Nepal

We arrive in Kathmandu and to our suprise, it operates in a most unusual way….Powercuts….Yes thats right!!!!…There are powercuts during the week lasting for 8 or more hrs per day….and this has been going on for the last year or so. Because of the current water shortage in Nepal and coupled with its primary methods of electricity making (hydroelctric)….Nepal as a country cannot supply enough power supply for its own country…..

Aside from all this powercut lark……we get our cycling heads back on and begin to plan our Nepalese route which will start tomorrow….Brian has ordered his “new bike” from the US and it will take 5 days to air freight it to Kathmandu. But what will Brian do?????……..

Brian being Brian shall indeed cycle tomorrow…..but on a rented bike, and return again to Kathmandu in 5 days time to collect the new bike..


Brian’s rented GIANT bike for 5 days….All set again and ready for tomorrow morning!!!!…Happy days!!!

We decide to do some site-seeing for the remainder of Kathmandu….Check out some pics….

Some nice buildings in Durbar Square

Lean on me….

Brian purchasing some flags/stickers for the bike

Around Durbar Square

Until tomorrow folks….Please remember to keep signing the guestbook and to keep spreading the good word to all about our Charity – The Share A Dream Foundation….

The Lads.

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