Mt Qomolangma aka “Mount Everest”

Day 43: Mt Qomolangma aka “Mount Everest” -¬†Everest Base Camp (5,500 meters) – “Looking at the top of the world

Our adventures at Mt Everest start today……We are very exited……..We depart Shigatse at 7am and head to Mt Qomolangma…Its a 7 hour journey so we keep the spirits as high as possible…..

We stop for Yak Noodles outside Lhatse on route to Everest…Yum yum Brian!!!

Cannot believe that animals survive out here….Arid landscape for miles to see!!!

The beauty that is Mt Everest from a far….Be patient….Base camp is next!!!

Just a little exited then!!!

A tasteful inscription just before Everest

The rooftop of the world….Mt Everest¬†(8,848 meters)

Very proud moment for all….What a spectacle….Mother nature at its most wonderful

What cold!!!!!

Thaireland at Everest

Oh Sailor!!!!!

Some more fun!!!

Local transportation

…..more Everest

A lone wolf at Base Camp

Brian pondering a possible Everest summit….

Share a Dream

The North Face

Sheer beauty….no not you Brian….The Mountain!!!!!

Yak with wonky horn….but how do these animals survive up here!!!!!

After the mountain, we head towads Nepal, stoppping the night at a place called Tingri (last stop before Nepalese border)…We stay in a family run establishment called The Snow Leopard…Check out the video……


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