Cycle Begins!!!!

Day 1: 30th December 2008, Bangkok – Saraburi (72km) –  Distance so far 72km “Oh God, what is going wrong with our bikes lads?”

Woke at 6am and had a breakfast of fruit,toast, cereal, eggs.  We did our final preparations on the bikes and said our farewells to John and Eilis who were also leaving Bangkok to head south to the island of Ko Samui.


We cycled approx 5km to Bangkok train station.  We had been advised to get a short train journey outside the city to avoid the mainroads/tolls and the general frenzy of the capitals traffic.   Incidentally, we did not notice a great deal of cyclists for the duration of our stay in Bangkok.  Traffic is primarily made up of motorbikes, tuk tuks and taxis.   After our short train ride out of the city, we got ready to start the collosess of a journey that lay ahead of us…. Then disaster!!!   Not one…but two punctures!!!  First Mikes valve burst on his rear tyre, closely followed by Brian’s front tyre.  As the Bangkok air frantically hissed out of Brian’s tyre he turned to us and gasped  “Oh God, what is going wrong with our bikes lads?”


After this minor hickup,  the cycle commenced properly.   We started at 1pm with sun at its hottest (about 30 degrees) which was pretty damn tough.  The main road to Saraburi was very long and boring so we opted to go onto a more country road after 9km, which was a welcomed release.  On this road we were offered bananas from a motorcyclist and were cheered on by the locals as we passed.

Banana Motor Cy

We arrived in Saraburi just before dusk and checked into a dingy and unfriendly hotel.   That night we checked out a local festival in Saraburi where we ate corn on the cob and fried pork kebabs with rice.   We were ridiculously tired after the 1st day and the three of us crashed out in one double bed.  Zzzzzz.

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