Lhasa to Shigatse

Day 42: Lhasa to Shigatse “Our move to Everest”

Our adventures of Mt Everest start today……We are very exited and we leave Lhasa for Shigatse (2nd largest city in Tibet)…

Leaving Lhasa for Shigatse

Our crazy driver “Dako”….Legend!!!!…..We also found out his secret to his happily married life…”perfume!!!!”

The Road Gang!!!

Local kids in Shigatse…Look out!!!

Food anyone!!!..Yes these were for sale folks!!!!

Shigatse proved to be a very tough spot to find any food….Apparently in Winter…places close down early….Luck for us we finally found a restaurant….

Tomorrow is Mount Everst folks so stay tuned….Night Zzzzzzz

The lads

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