Simao – Mojiang (115km)

Day 32: Simao – Mojiang (115km) – Distance travelled so far 1,777km “Chinese style spitting and The French Connection (unrelated)”

We woke from our truck-stopish motel and had a quick breakfast of eggs, bread, fruit and of course tea (plum and apple)….Tea is seriously good in China. We are pretty fast preparing for our bike days now. Our gear clips onto the bike and it is a case of….”start pedalling”…

We have decided to push to boat out again and try to head to a place called Mojiang (about 400km or so from Kunming)…It is a main trade route so we reckon that the roads should be relatively good (although we have been wrong many times before!!) Mojiang appears to have changed dramatically in recent years according to some locals we chatted to last night in Simao who said that there is much more development on the way. It all had to do with the expressway that connects Kunming with Jing Hong Apparently the government decided to give Mojiang a facelift and put it firmly on the tourist map. (Happy days for us!!!!)

Chinese people spit alot (even some really attractive women!!) which is kind of funny when they are mid-conversation. We come across fine examples of this at lunch-time in a place called Pu’er which is neither a county nor a province but a prefecture-level city, ranking below a province and above acounty in China’s administrative structure (Its all trivia isnt it!!!)…

Anyway back to this spitting business……Oh yes……Ordering eggs and rice off a heavy set male Chinese chef clearing his lungs out to the brink of passing out will never….ever……make you want to eat!!!!…..We opted for the fruit smoothies, the bread and the chicken drumsticks which were delicious and for a change contained a decent bit of meat on them!!!…

With a fair whack of the journey left we decided not to delay despite offers to stay and watch a traditional Chinese dance performance later that night….We do purchase some Pu-erh tea which is apparently famous in this region….Should be a nice treat later!!!….We are threathening to someday (soon) dress in traditional Chinese clothing and take some pics….What do you think?

The bikes are still holding up fine. We do find that on rocky and even to some extint on sandy roads that our thin Schwalbe tyes will slip and slide off the road. Its a little annoyance but we will battle on. (Bless their hearts!!)

Paddy fields (derived from the Malay word “padi” which means rice plant) are pretty much everywhere and to see them terraced into the hills with all the farmers up to their knees wading around is pretty class. According to archaeological wise guys and their various forms of dating, they reckon that this type of farming originated in China so we feel right in the thick of it at the moment. Its pretty class to see the man made mud bounderies seperating each raised paddy field from the next one. Check them out. Apologies for not being in them…I think Mike and I were off replacing one of my brake pads….

Terrace tea Plantations

Our cycle after this was approx another 45 or so kilometers, passing more and more waving/starring farmers and their crops….We would finally be in Mojiang where we could once again be greeted with more and more gasps and chuckles…Its fun stuff at the moment….Must try and get some of the locals into our weekly videos. Chinese are funny folks!!!!

We reach Mojiang. Our first impressions are that you could buy anything here…computers, mobile phones, pigs heads..(you know how these places operate!!) When we arrive the evening market appears to be still open so we decide that it is “feeding time” again…. We opt for some good local food. So claypot rice with a vege soup it is…..Its damn good and costs well under a euro!!!! Whooo Hoooooo. As we try to find a hotel we pass loads of roadside chinese playing cards (always roaring and shouting by the way).

This place has even got a mini Eifell Tower…What!!!!!! Yes it does…Oh la la!!!..Nice!!!!…Ohhhh!! la la!!!

We decide to stay in a really cheap hotel named The Tian Xi which is right in the middle of everything….Until tomorrow everyone…Stay tuned…

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The lads.

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