Pakmong – Udomxay (84km)

Day 24: Pakmong – Udomxay (84km) – Distance travelled so far 1,294km “Haven’t we been here before?…Oh Yes….Hell on Earth!!!!”

Todays cycle should be fairly tough with our map indicating some lengthy climbs. With breakfast eaten and out the door for 7am, we hit some of the worst roads imaginable….Tarless and with more bumps than a dodgy 21st birthday party, we figure that yesterdays pleasure cruise has cleverly set us up for a nasty dose of reality checks….Thats right…we are still in Laos….and the hills have not simply disappeared over night!!!!

We continue to meet lots of touring bikers along the way. They all have less gear than us and find the going very challanging. It is nice to stop when we meet any cyclists as they normally have some interesting information be it, roadside stops, hot springs, waterfalls or otherwise relevent road details. We in turn inform them about our travelled roads (no matter how tourterous!!!!) and of course of our guesthouse/hostel stays etc…

The traffic on these roads is slow with 500-1000ft falls on the right hand side of us at times….This doesn’t stop them driving eratically around bends though….I would hate to be using public transport around here….Its too way to risky and the buses appear to be packed to the maximum….

Today, we feel like we have taken hundreds of breaks….Cycling uphill with loaded bikes and with our gears to set to “granny” still feels painful. We figure that the last week has taken its toll on our bodies. We have probably being pushing too hard. We also figure that we have lost weight and because of this feeling, we plan to weigh oursleves at the next best oppurtunity….Blood sweat and……..etc etc….

We reach Udomxay at about 4ish with our tongues hanging out and with rear ends similar to baboons…..The journey was long for us and all we want to do is chill out….We wheel in the bikes into our nice and cheap hotel. It has no hot water which does suck…Birdbaths all round for the ladies then!!!! Whooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We head out for yet another meal of chicken bones. These ones costing a bit more and once again served with smiles all round…Well isnt that just feckin perfect!!!!

Until tomorrow….Remember to keep those guestbook comments coming in. They are much appreciated…..

Also…Have you got a challange or a dare for us????…..We are open to suggestions!! (please remember that this is a family website)


The lads

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