Day 188: (Outside Naas (Co Kildare to Roscrea (Tipperary) – Approx 100km – Distance travelled so far 11,300km “Guinness Guinness and comfortable beds (for once!!)”

We are on todays newspaper…..Check it out on the Irish Independent online!!

Waking up outside Naas to a series of Thunder Storms was not an ideal start to the morning…but hey, we should be used of such suprises at this stage of the trip. Setting down our tents for the penultimate time, we set off in the teeming rain. The rain feels different…Its driving and sweet on the face…It feels Irish and its fantastic….


We are today contacted by a mystery person. He identifies himself as Brendan Lynch, a Tipperary man, an author with a fire-filled passion for crazy stories ranging. He tells us that he has a huge enthusiasm for cycling, himself being a cyclist and telling us that he came across our story when researching. We plan to meet in a place named Borris on Ossary. We cycle, fund-raise, cyle some more, stop and then we finally meet this mystery man. We chat with Brendan and his wife Margie for a good time. Brendan then presents us with a signed copy of his latest book “Yesterday we were in America.

The story of Alcock and Brown “the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic from St John’s, Newfoundland to Connemara, Ireland on June 15-16, 1919″


It is a very nice presentation which will be such a fine read during our time re-couperating in the coming days. Thanks again Brendan. For anyone who is looking for this book or info about Brendan. Visit his website at:

We reach Roscrea where we are put up in The Rackett Hall Hotel for the night all compliments to the hotel management. Thanks a million guys. We chill for the night with some of the Share a Dream cavalcade and have a good couple of well deserved pints of Guinness…..Absolute bliss and such and enjoyable evening listening to all the good works carried out behind the scenes at Share a Dream…..What a day!!!

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