Day 186: (Liverpool Port-Dublin Port) – Distance travelled so far 11,140km “How to get to Liverpool Port!!!”

You would think that we would be chomping at the bit to get over to Liverpool Port so as to make sure we would be on time for our ferry to Dublin. You would think that!!!! Us being us, we miscalculated the journey over to the port thinking that we could cycle easily over a bridge……There was no bridge but there was a tube/train under the river….so we ran,went up escalators (with bikes!!), stuffed them into the train just in time…..Absolute mayhem and panic insued which I guess was largely down to “really longing to come home” We boarded the ferry with 4-5 dozen truckers or so and went straight to the dining area for some grub. The weather was horrendous and jokes about a potential last supper and sinking at the final hurdle were passed. We all looked at each other again, knowing that when we woke up in the morning, We would touch our wheels down on Irish soil for the first time in 6 months. After dinner, we grabbed some beers, chatted and watched the movie and The Story of Tina and Ike Turner with all the truckers. Wrecked tired, we crashed out in a pretty comfortable and padded kids play area. Thanks to reception who provided extra blankets…..Tomorrow Ireland awaits us!!!!

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