Day 184&185: (Liverpool) – Distance travelled so far 11,135km “Party Time!!!”


Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!….Liverpool here we are…..Freaky really. It has felt like such a trek from Michael and Vanessa’s Stratford pad in East London. Adrenaline has played a key part in keeping us on top of our game. At least we got a free gaff in Sandbach which gave us a good nights sleep and in out of the rain….Liverpool brings us a chance to do some site-seeing…..”Beatles” style….but first of all…a great chance to relax, have a hot shower, some hot food and another frothy beer or five!!!!…..

IMG_0447In the spirit of the trip

The Beatles tour

In Penny Lane there’s a

IMG_0453 barber showing photograph

nothing to say here!

John Lennon’s home

and for the pool fans..




We find a newly renovated hostel called Hatters (good one for a cheap w/end) which suits our pockets in the center of the city and with the bikes locked up for a night or two…its time to get freaky in Liverpool….Some clubbing and some caper ensued!!!!

Waking up in the morning was bliss. Cosy beds and not a chance of getting on a 2 wheeled anything. We shower up and get a breakfast in. Site-seeing is on the agenda today therefore, we didnt delay in booking The Beatles” Black cab tour of Liverpool, which takes us to all of the Fab Fours houses, penny lane, strawberry fields, Eleanor Rigby’s grave. Yeah yeah yeahh!!!!!

After a mighty tour which incorporated Anfield, the home of Liverpool football, we headed back to our hostel.
After another hairy nights party time, we would would wake up the the morning to get ready to board a ferry for Ireland…Absolutely incredible!!!….We honestly cannot wait!!!

Securing the bikes on the ferry. This is it!


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