Day 182: Hinckley – Sandbach (104km) Distance travelled so far 11,053km “Free house in Sandbach!!!”

We were all surprised at how humid it is in England. The weather does not help while on the bike. Very sticky, very quickly!!! After the few days on the road, there was a slight bit of a pong coming from each of us!!!!

Please god let us complete our journey today with a shower at the end of the road

Power Station

Canal that leads pretty much into Liverpool

Lookin and feelin good…

Nearing the end of the day….still very humid

Fancy a spot of bowls???

Well, our prayers for a shower were answered….

When we finished our days cycle we decided to stop into the local pub and watch Andy Murray play at Wimbledon. Of course, our looks only drew attention. We met a lovely couple and before we knew it, they offered us a place to stay for the night. A shower was the no1 priority!!!

Tomorrow…Liverpool….. oh yeah…

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