London Baby!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

With plans in place to stay with Mike & Vanessa, and Vanessa’s brother Pat, we could now chill out and plan our final route home. This route plan had always been to head up to Scotland and to potentially “pedal boat” across the Irish Channel. We had been secretly planning this finale for some time throughout the trip and had secured a safety boat to guide us across, but unfortunately we could not source a pedal boat which was sea worthy!!! Perhaps we will do it again someday…

With the pedal boating looking pretty unlikely, we now had more days to chill in London which to be honest was a welcomed outcome. lets do some site-seeing then!!

Londons eye

Big Ben

Travalgar Square

Chilling out in Travalgar Square..

Heavy night last night?

Picking up asbo’s is easy

Corrected this street artist’s Irish of Go raibh maith agat

The auld Covent Garden..I remember only too well….

Brian gets roped into this street perfomers act…(It took 30 mins!!)

Abbey Road

While in London, we decided to head down to Wembeldon…Lawn tennis, strawberries, sherry, and lots of tennis balls..The weather was pretty good so lots of people camped (like ourselves) in the hopes to gain early morning entry…
The Wimbledon Queue is world famous as it is still possible gain entry to Center Court on the day of the event. People queue the night before and the first 500 get center court tickets. Unfortunately we were no. 880 in the queue so we had to settle for court NO. 1. Not bad… we still managed to watch Venus Williams and Andy Roddick cruise to the 4th round……

Brian in the Wimbledon queue

Squatters rights!!! – Mike relaxes Pakistani style in the queue

Henman Hill/Murray Mound. It was jammed for the Murray game

The Ball boys and girls enter

Venus and Kateryna enter

Kateryna mid serve..Very good service indeed

Andy Roddick

Chilling with Mike and Vanessa at their apartment..

Prime Real Estate РView from the apartment over-looking Londons Olympic Stadium for 2012 Games

It was great to chill with Mike, Vanessa and Pat. Thanks a million for putting up with us. We would have had loved to stay for a couple more days!!! ha ha….PS – Hope Kevin Webster gets things sorted out…”fancy you like mad!!!”

Time to get prepared for a three/four day cycle up to Liverpool…..Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

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