Day 173: Faversham- Stratford (East London) (82km) Distance travelled so far 10,751km “Thank you Phil”

Last night we decided to head out for a pint in Faversham. With our red hairy beards we obviously drew alot of attention…People were very interested in our story.

The barman, a very nice gentleman named Phil, asked us to come back in the morning and he’d cook us up a breakfast. We couldn’t turn down the offer….

Our campspot

The bacon-butties Phil cooked us up was just what we needed. Thanks again.

Behind the bar with Phil

With our bellies full we hit the road. The Thaireland trio couldn’t wait to have a couple of rest days in London

A typical English town

Nearing the city

We couldn’t get over the size of London. We were cycling in the city for half the day, to get to our destination….

We finally made it to Stratford and will be spending the next few days with Pauls brother, Mike and his fiancee, Vanessa. Tonight we will head to a BBQ hosted by some of Mikes work buddies so it should be fun!!

Us with Mike

With Mags

Mags with Una the wonderful BBQ hostess

Declan and us at the BBQ sucking back on some Ales

…with Brians mate Alex

Mags and Declan

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