Day 171: Bruxelles -Bruges (115km) Distance travelled so far 10,387km “In Bruges”

With heads on us like Medusa (We drank a considerable amount last night) we slowly get going to Bruges….

Early morning site-seeing - Power hangover site-seeing…Asprin anyone?

The bitches love him…and dogs want to be him…

Making some bad turns we find ourselves on very busy motorways…

No..not The Netherlands…but pretty close to it at the moment

Ghent..An absolute wonderful place…Get to this place people!!!


Full of canals…and a great buzz about the place too….

On route to Bruges…If only Ireland had cycling routes like these ones!!!

Dying for a burger at this point!!

Bruges…Fine spot this one…

Tomorrow morning, we will head to the port of Ostende (approx 30km outside Bruges) and from here we shall head to Ramsgate in England. We are absolutely buzzing at the moment!!

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