Day 170: Denant – Bruxelles (Belgium) (87km) Distance travelled so far 10,474km “Another day another country”

Our camp spot (a soccer ground) was pretty decent. It didnt rain either, much to the relief of Paul. (his cheap tent beginning to show its true colours.., ie. crap!!!!)

Three tents – three men – three stalkers

We followed this river all the way to Brussels

Mike enjoying the cycling lanes, the scenery and great companions

Nearing Brussels – Watch out!!!

Quick bite at a filling station

As Brian had worked in this district for a few months, he knew the place pretty well. We also secured lodgings with Chris (one of Brians ex-work-mates) and plan to head out for some good-times tonight at an exclusive Belguim booze-house….

Cycling paths all the way into Brussels…Perfect

Time to party (left to right – Chris the Smasher,Mike,Paul,Mark,Mike The Ledg,Brian.

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