Day 169: Luxembourg – Denant (Belgium)(151km) Distance travelled so far 10,387km “Another day another country”

I think we were all in agreement that Luxembourg city was not the most exciting place we were in!! Not really much to do here….and it lashed rain which made matters worse

Leaving Luxembourg

Its strange to believe that we got through Luxembourg so quickly. Leaving Germany , we were in the capital (Lux city) within 2 hours and within another 2 hours cycling, the following day we were in Belgium….

The width of the country is only 87kms.

Entering BelgiumHoly smokes!!!

Very similar to Ireland.

A quick roadside break after a long slog

Belgian blue cows. Some of the finest arses in the land!!

Nearing the end of the day, getting late

Took us a half hour to get to the end of this straight -

Oh my gorgeoust!!!

Brian gives a big salute – closer to home…

Nearing Denant – nice 3km decent…We’ll take that

After a serious days pedalling, and covering over 150kms, we crawled into a beautiful town called Denant. So far, Belgium has been a lovely country.

Denant – Very nice entrance to its town

We treated ourselves to a meal in the center of the town and afterward, under the darkness of the night we searched for a campspot. It was 10.30pm before we found a spot. We were all proud of our days work and looking forward to Belgiums capital, Brussels, tomorrow…

Got a cup of sugar? Setting up camp, very late..Animals!!!!!!!

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