Day 168: Nohfeldon – Luxemburg City (137km) Distance travelled so far 10,236km “Anyone for Luxemburg?”

Today was a lenghty slog to Luxembourg City. We are jusrt bombing through the kilometers at the moment. Ireland here we come!!!!

Last of the German vineyards

Relight my fire…eh… I dont think so!!!!…Luxembourg City did not set us on fire!!!!

Those Tanks never obey the speed limit..Bostords!!!

Working our way out to the only campsite in Luxembourg..Clouds are starting to look dark..Boo!!!

We treated ourselves to a camp site in Luxembourg this evening. Once the tents were set up we headed into the city for some food. It rained heavily while in the city and upon arriving back to the campsite we were greeted with 2 very wet tents. Enjoy….

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