Day 166: near Aalen -Brackenheim (131km) Distance travelled so far 9,964km “Back to hard slogging”

After slacking it for the past few days, we knew that we would have to get back to doing our usual 100km days. So we put down the heads and made sure not to stop for any more distractions.

Brians landing strip

Which way to Aalen!!!..Decisions decisions….

Wind power and pedal power galore

Breakfast in Aalen

Irish bar in Aalen..we wondered had they misspelt it?

Lunch time in ____

Vine-yards line the hillside

We arrived into Brackenheim at 9:30 after a very long days cycle, only to find yet another festival on. We decided to stop for a beer, some food and to listen to the local music talent.

Festival night in Brackenheim

Paul enjoying the music

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