Day 165: Dillingen – near Aalen (47km) Distance travelled so far 9,833km “Fly me to the moon.”

With the hangovers now subsided and feeling really refreshed, we were well geared up for some monster kilometers today..Come on… bring it on!!! Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leaving Dillingen…Feeling on top of the world

Spotted this monument on the way out of Dillingen

Spotted some a plane taking off from a local air-strip – curiousosity got the better of us

So we headed straight for the air traffic control tower

Check out the vids -

One of the gliders – very exciting!!!

Mike helps bring out the glider

Brian keeps the glider sturdy on route to the air strip

Whats up Maverick!!!

Our flying instructor – Manfred

Brian mid flight

Paul gets ready for launch

After another slack day (kilometers wise), we didn’t feel too bad to be honest. It was an oppurtunity that we just couldnt turn down. So with a great flying experience, a BBQ, we headed to our free campsite, compliments of Manfred and his partner. Thanks guys.

Manfred offers us free camping for the night

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