We both agreed, our days spent in Rome were memorable. The city itself was thronged with tourists, but this certainly didn’t take anything away from it’s charm. Accommodation was exspensive, food was cheap so we were quite happy.

We took in as many sites as we could in our days in the capital, such as the Colosseum, The Old City, a tour in the Vatican City which included St.Peters Sq and the Sistein Chapel.


I love to shop

‘So your father was a Wouman, eh?’

Brian outside the famous Colosseum. Whats that in the background???

……The Champions League throphy


Inside the Colosseum

Man U supporters sing and drink before the game. Who are ya, who are ya…

Mike bought a Barca jersey

Monumento Vittorio Emanuele II


Daniel O Connells heart buried here.

During our stay, we arranged to meet our good friend from O’Briensbridge, Co.Clare, Ger Jones, studying in the Irish priest college, Rome. It was great to meet Ger for a few hours. He showed us around as much as he could, and explained some very interesting facts about the city.

We also had an unexspected meal with Ger and his colleagues in the college. Afterwards, they kindly gave us a donation for our charity which they had collected over the lenten period.

Thanks again Ger for everything

Ger (second from right) and friends, giving donation

Part of the old aquaduct

Donagha, son of the great Brian Boru, buried in a church in Rome

Heineken Colosseum mmmmmm

After leaving Ger we headed off to find a location for the game. We had been informed that there would be no official big screen in Rome for the game. Finding a place proved to be difficult but with only 15 mins to kick-off we found a small outdoor pub close to the stadium completely filled with Barcelona fans. We were among friends….

On the metro to the game

Halftime analysis

2-0 Barcelona. Lionel Messi, you legend

Barca fans enjoy the game

St. Peters Sq

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