Day 146: Barletta- Apricena(111km) – Distance travelled so far 8,487 km “The hottest day yet”

A morning view from brians tent

Big into keeping fit in Italy

Bus stop break

Temperatures are arisin….

Todays cycle was extremly difficult. The day just seemed to get hotter and hotter as time went on. As the sweat rolled from our tired bodies, we poured water on our heads, backs, any where that would keep us cool.

Unfortunately, our map is not very detailed, and our perception of how far the next town is, wasn’t the best. At one stage during mid-day, we all ran out of our supply of water. Cycling through the countryside, the next town seemed so far away. Luckily we came across a small shop/pub in the middle of nowhere and cooled off for an hour or two…..

Now knowing how far we were from Apricena, we ploughed on.

44 degrees. Ouch………..

A driedup water well. No surprise here

3 broken men finally arrived into the town of Apricena. Turned out to be a nice little place to spend the night. There was a small music festival going on in the town, so we set up our tents in a field and headed out for 2 beers….just 2!!

Apricena festival

Two locals enjoy the entertainment

Are ye laughin?? I’m laughin

A pro

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