Day 144: Ioannina – Igoumenitsa(92km) – Distance travelled so far 8,296 km “Another mountain packed day”

Another very hard day of numerous climbs which meant slow progress. We arrived into Igoumenitsa at 8pm weak and weary with one hour to spare till the ferry to Italy.

“I can do 40 miles to the gallon with this bad boy”

Ioannina Castle

Mikes bike keels over while attemping to save a small turtle

I don’t think so!!

Paul posing while waiting for Mike does Brian

Joy all around…he made it.

We think the heat is affecting our heads!!

Master Splinter to the rescue once again

A 40 km descent to Igoumenitsa

The first living snake we have seen on the trip


All aboard

We all agreed that Greece has been one of our favourite countries and definitely worth a visit again.

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