Day 142: Grevena – Metsova(65km) – Distance travelled so far 8,152 km “Scorching hot, challenging mountains and an angry farmer”

As predicted the night before, the thunder showers rolled in. Within an hour of falling asleep, the thunder roared and the rain came down. For the first half hour the tents stood up to the challenge, but Brian soon noticed numerous trickles of water flowing into his quaters. To prevent himself and his sleeping gear getting wet, he put on his jacket and stuffed his gear inside. For the next two hours Brian remained awake, kneeling up in his tent.

Paul and Mike awoke the following morning to a very tired and grumpy Brian!!

Leaving Grevena

Greece seems to be getting much hotter

The first 17kms the road was flat, but the day quickly turned into a gruelling uphill challenge. For the next 32kms the road meandered up to an 1,800m pass.

Seems they have road vandals in Greece also

The tough ascent coupled with the rising temperatures was proving very difficult for all three of us.

Mike takes a break, and cools off

More climbing at a mere 7km/hr

After 4 hours of hard climbing, we finally reached the top and had a well deserved decent into the town of Metsova.


While getting a bite to eat in Metsova, we all agreed not to do much more cycling for the day.

Leaving the medevil town of Metsova

Some more meandering roads

What beautiful scenery

The highway below us, tunnels through the mountains

Searching for a place to kip for the night

Brian, the movie-star..

A couple of kms outside the town, we thought we had found a nice place to pitch up for the night. Further investigation into the spot we noticed what seemed to be a fairy ring, so superstition got the better of us and we moved on…..


Finally a good spot for the night….so we thought!

We found, what we thought, was a good place to camp for the night atop and old nonused bridge.

Camping on the bridge

As the day drew to a close, and light turned to dark, we decided to light a fire. Our campspot was very close to the road and we were very visible to any passers by. Unfortunately, the farmer that owned the land we were on drove by and noticed our cousy fire….idiots!!! By now the time was 930 and the farmer wanted us off his land.

We pleaded with him to let us stay, as it was very dark and it would have taken a very long time to pack all our gear up and find another spot….In the end he came around and agreed. Phew….No more camp fires for us…….

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