Sinop – Hononu (127km)

Day 122: Sinop – Hononu (127km) – Distance travelled so far 7,196 km “The toughest day in cycling history- You got to read this one”

Ok, we set off from Sinop with well rested bodies. We are facing another 7 day slog to Turkeys capital, Istanbul. We have heard that todays cycle will be slightly challenging so with this in mind we set of at a reasonable time….

Leaving our cheap and cheerful hotel in Sinop – We loved this owner

Stopping for fresh bread before departing Sinop

Puncture for Brian about 30km in to the cycle..Boo hoo!!!

As usual we are a little sluggish after a rest day and it is pretty difficult to get back into the swing of things. After the pucnture repair, we ended up playing bottle rugby for an hour…Probably not a good idea when the terrain isnt in our favour and we have still approx 80km to complete!!

Bottle Rugby after the puncture…(Spent a good hour here playing roadside games)

….and the goals were; the end of the saddle and the red drinks holder….(This bottle looks on target Brian!!)

and Paul has a crack

Brian getting a spanking…Thank you Sir…may I have another!!!!!!!!

Paul owns these parts

Eating healthy…We reckon that cyclists are entitled to everything

Mark the Irish cyclist who is a well travelled toured (having cycled over 30 coutries) highly recommended that we stay off the coastal road to Istanbul saying that it had been the worst terrain he had ever experienced. However, we still felt that cycling by the coast would be worth the hard slog. This been said, after completing approx 45km of todays coastal route we belatately decided to take Mark’s intitial advice on board and head inland….

Love will keep us together

Winding roads start to give us the creepin willy’s!!!!!

Hill talk

One would think that we would appreciate the scenery!!!!

More hill talk….this time more worrying!!!

Paul arising out of the mist….at this stage point we were climbing huge mountain passes

We took this picture at what we thought was the summit…Idiots!!!

We had to cycle more and more up the mountain..with still no Hanonu in sight…Agghghh!!!

At stage of the “evening” (about 7:30pm) and with the night increasingly closer to us, we find ourlseves still on the saddles and yet to find magical Hanonu. Normally, we would camp in these circumstances, but having no food made us keen to push on to Hanonu.

A deserted village at the top of the hill….No stopping here

After 5 more kilomters of uphill struggle, we began to consider camping on empty stomachs. Dusk had now turned to night and with no signs idicating how far Hanonu was, we decided to flag down one of the few passing vehicles to inquire as to Hanonu’s whereabouts. With a mixture of absolute pigeon English and crude hand gestures, we deciphered that Hanonu was another 5km away. At this stage of the evening we had completed appox 90km of uphill hell. Maybe the hour we spent playing bottle rugby was not such a good idea afterall!!!!!!!!!!!

We cycled all the way from about 5 meteres right up to 1,350 meters today….

The climbing is all over

Now in full darkness and thinking that Hanonu is only down the road, we turn on the bike lights and proceed downhill to put to bed a very tough day indeed……but the day did not want to go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..FECK IT ANYWAY!!!!

5km – no sign of Hanonu – What was that driver talking about!!!!

10km – no sign of Hanonu – Hands freezing cold – starting to bucket down rain

15km – still no sign of Hanonu – Freezing Cold, soaking wet – pitch darrk – God this is torture!!!

20 kilomters later, we reach the junction where the town of Hanonu was meant to be (according to our map). Devastation appears before our eyes when we finally see a sign for Hanonu which reads Hanonu 14km. It is now 9:30pm and we have been on the saddles close on 9 hours!!!!!

After quick deliberation, we decide to hop back on the bikes and end this blasted Hanonu Hunt, thus putting to sleep Day 122 – The worst day of our cycling history….We arrive into Hanonu at 10:25pm – find a Teachers house and fall into bed..

Lights out and good night

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