Bafra – Sinop (115km)

Day 120: Bafra – Sinop (115km) – Distance travelled so far 7,069 km “The Summit to Sinop”

Patchy work from the boys

We have found that the road conditions in Turkey have ranged from ridiculously course tar and chips to silky smooth tarmac. As we have mainly been on secondry roads, the quality has generally been below par. The Turkish road maintainence personel seem to have the same mentality as the Irish, ie “find a hole, patch it up”. We hate these harsh roads as they play havoc on our already thread bare tyres….

Fish anyone???

This poor driver finds out that his load of tiny sardines (we dont know what they were!!) was starting to break out the back door of the truck…..It was a pretty funny sight and we observed for a good 20 minutes obviously waiting for the door to bust open!!!!. With no prospects of this happening, we decided to ball on towards Sinop

Under pressure!!!

“Push over Nemo..we are like sardines in here!!!!”

This little boy ran beside us for a couple of kilometers

Yet another small village (about 60km from Sinop)

Break time for Thaireland….Cha always features heavily

on the road to Sinop…slight headwind and a little chilly

Paul being attacked by a dog!!!

Come here Cujo!!!…Good boy…good boy!!!!!!!

Turkish dogs are just massive!!

Sinop is gettin no closer….and its gettin a little hilly too….Aghhgh!!!

On route to Sinop

Coule be rural Ireland (Well it could be!!)

I spy with my little eye..somethings beginning with “S”….(It’s Sinop right!!)

Spotted this bad boy 5 kilometers from Sinop

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