Samsun – Bafra (101km)

Day 119: Samsun – Bafra (101km) – Distance travelled so far 6,954 km “Still chillin by the sea”

Paul tasted couchsurfing last night and reckoned that it was damn good. Hopefully there is much more to come. Thanks to Can for hosting…Keep in touch my man and remember that milky tea is good too!!!!

Departing next morning to meet Brian and Mike (a little tired from a late night out!!) (Can, Osam, Paul and Frat in the front (a funny guy who had only 3 words of English)

Ekmek = BreadThis is a very important word in our questionable volume of Turkish vocabulary

Long rolling roads to Bafra and nice and sunny to boot

Mike and Brian set off after a harsh nights camping to rendez-vous with Paul in Bafra.

Brian and Mike come across a group of Turkish cyclists….Didn’t stick the pace though!!

Turkish farmers farming with other fellow farmers on the farm

Rolling into Samsun and onto Bafra

Impressive Bridge in Samsun

Cay time in Samsun

Markets amid the streets of Samsun

Brian tries out a new set of wheels!!

The nice beaches of Samsun

Coastal cycling

There is a prayer call (sort of like the angelous) 5 times a day here in Turkey

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