Torul – Tirebolu (101km)

With approx 80km to complete to reach our first sights of sea/beach in nearly 4 months, we felt really exited. Its going to be a “free-wheel” down to the coast and from then on its flat coastal roads to look forward to…Easy Peasy!!!!!!!!!!

Leaving Torul…Gentle undulating hills..Perfect cycling

Extremely mountaineous terrain…..Rockslides are also very common throughout these valleys

Enjoy some more Turkish scenery in the remaining pictures

Came across this cool rope bridge on our way down

Brian going “loco” on the bridge

Fantastic views from these hills – Rope bridge below

Taking advantage of the huge river that has been beside us since Bayburt

Mike being daring

More Hydro Electric stations – Paul with slightly crazed look!!

Brian fools around on an incomplete rope bridge

Waterfalls galore – (this picture doesn’t really do it justice)

Braving the foot-bridge (incidentally this did not form part of our route today)

Not the safest bridge to be crossing


It was so great to have finally reached water. Remember all those countries (Thailand, Laos, China, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Iran) We celebrate by purchasing a couple of Efes beers (Turkey’s primary choice) and head to a another side of the beach to camp….What a day!!!!…… Enjoy some of the pics

Stone skimming never gets old…..

Beach sunset at our camp site….and all for free!!!

No camp is complete without a raging campfire….Missing the guitar now!!! (Hope that young lad is making good use out of it in Laos)

Mike gets some music on the go – Paul works on the fire rockery

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