Bayburt – Torul (102km)

Day 115: Bayburt – Torul (102km) – Distance travelled so far 6,544 km “Mark Doherty”

Ogretmen Evi’s rock!!!!!!!!….. Here we are pictured below with Jan. What a very generous thing to have done for us. Loaded up to the very gills with our buffet breakfast, we hit the roads again. Par excellent!!!!

Thanks again Jan – Ogretmen Evi’s are not to be underestimated…

Moving out of Bayburt…Nice views of the city from the road above

Great pride in their counrty. There are national flags everywhere in Turkey.

“….its a fairly precarious place for a nest mate..” youll be draggin all them twigs up for nothin!!!

Must have spotted a better nesting area yonder the hills

Attention!!!!!!!!!!…..Mike spotted this little prairie dog on garrison on route to Torul….

A child herding cattle

Those clouds look menacing….The decents aint bad though!!!

When you’ve been cycling as long as 4 months, we have nearly seen it all…..Well not quite…..Picture this….Its a very cold, wet day with oodles of thunder and fork lightening in the air. Pedalling away, we suddenly see a cyclist (straight away you can spot a tourer…pannier bags etc etc).

Both cyclists stop and then you hear a pretty distinctive “How r ya!!!”…………..There is no way this guy is Irish!!!!!!!!!……………Well you would be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Doherty..A very Naas man indeed…

Mark is attempting to circumnavigate the globe using his “rothar” as his main mode of transport with the ‘dream Plan’ being to circle the globe in around 2 years. Please check out his amazing adventure….

We spent a good hour and a half chatting away and swapping info on routes etc….It was an awful shame we didnt meet in a town/city. We will have the Turkish Cay boiler on accompanied with some Ekmek and Nutella when you arrive in Shannon and into our parts in East Clare….Best of luck boss…

How’s my driving?….Nice touch chief

Onwards to Torul…Downhills anyone?

Opting to go through Gumushane and head for Torul…Just lashed rain prior to this pic

Flying through tunnels

Sometimes hot…then cold…then a little chilly..Hard to get things right on the ould bike

The roads are fairly course…Not good for wearing tyres

The roads are slowly rolling down to The Black Sea…Perfecto!!!

Turks love their colours

Reached Torul…Remains of a defense Castle on the hill..How she is still standing is anyones guess!!!

Albert – This guy was so helpful in Torul…Bargained down the only hotel in Torul just for us.

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