Askale – Bayburt (72km)

Day 114: Askale – Bayburt (72km) – Distance travelled so far 6,442km “Climbing to 2900m and The Free Hotel Bedroom”

Another day…another dollar….Well…you get the general gist. We felt refreshed after our great night in Askale. Playing basketball did take it out of us though….Are we getting fit at all!!!!! Basketball as an aerobic form of exercise most certainly turned us into questionable trio of athletes….

Knowing that the big beast of a mountain looms ahead


That ring around the mountain is where we have to go…For feck sake!!!!

Did we just do that?….Brian takes a snap of the road way on down below

Quick pause from Michael

Very far from completion but a good job never the less….

Little by little….Still more climbing ahead Paulo

….and then she said to me….”..and when did you start wearing my dresses!!!”

Rolling strong Brian…..

At last….The Summit….Approx 2900 meters

It was hardly on a par with an Everest Expedition, but cycling up the equivelent of three Mt Carrantuohill stacked on top of each other. We feel that it wasn’t a bad early morning work-out.

Great work out that!!

Ride the luck when it comes your way….(even though it’s 6km!!)

Mountain Wolf – Truckers said they shot it…

We have seen plenty of signs with regard to warnings of wild wolf. There are also bears and kangols to contend with. Yikes Scubby!!!

“and did you hear they were refused planning permission!!”

Pimp my bike…

Now to find some reasonably priced lodgings for the night….Oh Teachers House….Where are you?

What in the HELL are these teachers houses?????

Teachers houses or Ogretmen Evi are quassi hotel/hostels in nature. They house long distance commuting teaching staff and serve as the epicentre for many social activities in the town/city (ie, card games, chess, back-gammon etc etc). We personally find them great because they are clean,cheap, warm and offer wi-fi. We can get also get away with a little more ‘arm twisting” (viz a viz bargaining) in comparison to a cold and hostile hotel/hostel with their crazy tourist prices…

Hopefully we can find one tonight?… and we damn right did…..for free and all!!!!

A kind genrerous man by the name of Jan (which we think to be the owner of the hotel) invited us to stay as his guest for as many nights as we wanted. Turkey just gets better and better…..Breakfast from 8-10 least we forget!!! ha ha….What a score for Thaireland………


The Lads


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