Erzurum – Askale (51km)

Day 113: Erzurum – Askale (51km) – Distance travelled so far 6,370 km “The Teachers House”

As with all the rest days…they quickly pass like a storm cloud but always leaving the stark realisation that a little black saddle has your name on it for another 4-5 days….With that delightful thought in our noggin’s, we hit the road with a false sense of optimism for the day….

Leaving Erzurum…..Ughhghg!!!!…”Would love another rest day!!”

The roads remain the same

Brian spotted this class Turkish inscription in the mountain

Glorious Turkey……..Mike’s bike (which looks like it has a newly added flagpole)

Students in Askale…They went nuts when we arrived

You talkin to me!!!

The local kids were delighted that we came out to play basketball

Team Turkey – These bhoys were our entire opposition!!!!

Hardy young lads….They didnt spare the challanges on us!!!

Our thoughts on the basketball

Thaireland pictured with a self procalimed Wayne Rooney look-a-like

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