Horosan – Erzurum (83km)

Day 111: Horosan – Erzurum (83km) – Distance travelled so far 6,319 km “Meeting Blackbeard and a Spanish Enquisition”

Spent a fine night here in Horosan. Cheap room and free reign of a wi-fi connection which is becoming increasingly more common these days (Great to upload the blog…..and brilliant for downloading Seinfeld episodes!!!!)

Next door to our hotel is one of the most famous barbers in Turkey…….We understand that the owner has the current Turkish record with record to his facial hair….Check this badass out!!!!!

Hagi Kirbag, apparently the most famous barber in Turkey

We just had to…..

A nice bridge on the way to Erzurum

Manuel the Spanish cyclist

Hailing from the heart of Barcalona, Manuel met us on his way to Horosan (and our route Erzurum)…He was a real jolly guy intending to cycle The Karakoram Highway (sometimes refered to as the ninth wonder of the world) which connects Pakistan and China. The highway is paved and stands at a staggering altitude of 4,693 meters. When we heard his intended route, we figured him as a man not afraid of steep climbs. He warned us of some very steep climbs for the remainder of our 50km to Erzurum. Not suprisingly, this did not sit well with us….50km of climbs……….Ugghhghhghghhg!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike decides to play around with this Monument

Stopping for lunch

Brian devours one whole chicken at break time

Nearly there!!

As for the 50km of steep climbs….Well……that was further from the truth. Manuel had brewed up a nice storm in a tea-cup for us. There was minimal climbing and probably no more ahead of us either. We felt a certain amount of pity on Manuel venturing alone into the oxegen starved heights of 4,900 off meters of the The Karakoram Highway. Hope you remain cheerful as ever amigo…..Adios Amigo and Saludo when you make it those Karakoram mountain ranges and passes!!!!

Mike reaching for that shuffle button

Just outside Erzurum

Erzurum town centre

It wouldn’t be Turkey without an establishment like this!!

Erzurum is famous for its street fountains. Locals fill up their bottles for drinking water

We shall stay here tomorrow and rest for a day. Its a great time to take in some of that fresh mountain air and taste some of Erzurums famous Caj Kebabs….There are lots of famous cheeses here too and of course some Turkish Baths….Lots to do and looking forward to it………..

Talk soon…..

The Lads

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