Outside Ardakan – Esfahan 189km

Day 92-93: Outside Ardakan – Esfahan 189km – Distance travelled so far 4,958km ” More Flat Desert”

Anyone looking at our map will think we should have headed straight to Qom but we heard great things about Esfahan and felt it was a minor detour worth taking. So we put the heads down (as there was much to look around at!) and peddled hard for Esfahan.

Back to more of the same….Long….mundane…but damn perfect roads 

Brian feeling snappy

The weather has begun to remind us of home..

I’m cold and bored!!

We finally hit Esfahan and Mike nearly hits a bus!

We stay in a very expensive hostel as its the Iranian new year of “No Ruz’ from 21st March (our calender year) to early April….(think its the 8th)….

After a shower we go for some quick power site seeing – sraight to the Jameh Mosque.

For anyone who’s interested

Still friends

Jameh Mosque

Next we head to the local market where we spot some very funny mannequins so of course we had to have some fun…..

Nice mostache

Who looks better?

Blue Steel

Paul bumped into his brother…(Mike you cannot deny this!!!)

Howday partner!!!!!!

Ohhhh My God!!!!!!

Two door knockers..One for a man..one for a woman…(both have different type sounds)

After the market we head for the impressive Imam Square. It is the second biggest Square in the world at 512m long and 163m wide and houses two very beautiful Mosques.

Paul and Mike in Imam Square (shaggin freezin in this!!!)

We stop for refreshments in a local Tea House

The Si -O-Seh Bridge built in 1599 used as both a bridge and a dam

There is huge emphasis on family gatherings in Iran

Esfahan Park

Beautifully maintained parks….

Iranian’s love to Picnic

This picnic’ing sight is so common in Iran. They just love the outdoors and love nothing more than to sit around and chat….We spot this sight every day on the road…Family values and a sense of togetherness are very important to Iranian people…It’s a primary part of their Muslim beliefs….ie, the parents being central and pivitol to a good family…Respecting ones parents plays a huge part in The Holy Book of The Quran “Koran”

Chilling…Iranian style

We head back to Imam Sq when the weather brightens up

The square is practically unchanged since it was built

A lone lady c/w chador walks the hallway of Imam Sq

Imam Mosque

More Picnicing locals

Father and son

More of Imam Sq…

Nice mosaic

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

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