Yazd (Rest days)

Day 90: Yazd (Rest days)- Distance travelled so far 4,658km

Yazd is a pretty popular tourist destination and luckily one of it’s centre pieces, The Mosque of Amir Chakhmagh overshadows our hotel bedroom (very classy!!!)….

The Mosque of Amir Chakhmagh

The Mosque was something special come nightfall…Awesome!!!

Going up…Mosque style

Mike and Paul navigating through the narrow walls right at the top of the Mosque

Fresh fruit and vegetables are pretty common sight here….

Mike cutting up some handmade sweeties…Everything sweet is adored in Iran…

Women must respect Muslim religion by dressing appropriately…

Women getting ready to enter The Mosque

The streets are tree-lined and very clean…

Brian fitting new pants behind the shop counter….

Yes we have ditched our Pakistani clothing as they do not appear to be an obligatory outfit here…and they are a living nightmare to cycle in…Oh yes…and they also get ridiculously dirty….

Brian eats Frog Spawn for lunch….Rupulsive stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Get it all into ya!!!!!!!!!!!

Mosques are beautifully tile decorated….

Mike and Brian…doing some mid-sun sauntering through Yazd’s busy streets…

At Yazd’s Water Musuem…(Nothing too exiting as you might imagine!!)

More Water Musuem…power sight-seeing at its best…..

That’s pretty decent plaster work….

The Culhane Brothers posing (Hawkins style) in front of The Mosque “Amir Chakhmagh”

A look from the top of The Mosque onto Amir Chakhmagh Square in Yazd

Leaving Yazd…trying to find some spare tubes….No luck here though!!!..

Paul reliving his youthful days..He is such a lovely young lad….that Paul!!!

Day 91: Yazd – Outside Ardakan 111km – Distance travelled so far 4,769km ” Flat Desert”

Today was an extremely boring day. Its been the same old desert scenery with the odd mountain thrown in the distance. Thankfully the winds stayed away and we quickly hit the 100km mark.

Leaving Yazd

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