Wan Muang – Chai Badan (59km)

Day 3: 1st January 2009,  Wan Muang – Chai Badan (59km) –  Distance so far 181km “Irish Blood, Mosquito Lust”

/Woke up at 6am.  It had been a horrible night.  Our comfortable hammocks had been anything but, and the experience of sleeping outdoors for the first night hadn’t been good.   Coupled with this, our Irish bodies had been the perfect New Years’s feast for every sort of bug/insect and mosquito in Wan Muang.   The early morning itchings were made a little funnier (sadistically maybe!!) when we looked at Brian’s nose…..Oh yes!!!  A peach of a mosquito bite right on the tip of his shron!!….

Brian Noise

We rolled up our crappy hammocks and packed our gear, had a breakfast (mainly eggs) and hit the road.   We were all fairly beaten up and we discussed the “what went wrongs” on the road.   We travelled 40km along some of the most boring and straightest roads in the land to then stop in Tha Luang where we literralled inhaled a meal of; pork, rice and egg.   This meal really picked us up as the mood was low.    We progressed onwards seeing cockfighting, sugar caini harvesting.  This was all accompanied by plenty of support from all the locals in the tiny little places we passed.   Rolled into Cha Badan where we decided to check into a hotel (5 euro for 3 of us).  The room had two single beds so we drew straws to decide on the night’s “married couple”…..Lets just leave it at that and that beggars cannot be choosers!!!!   Grabbed some hot showers to scrub the undergrowth off our bodies and then we treated the various lumps/bites/blisters and general festering mess that the previous night’s camping had delivered upon us.   Had hotel food that night which consisted of a steaming bowl of pork and rice which was tolerable.   Brian and I looked for an Internet cafe to catch up with some websitey/correspondance stuff.   We had some difficulties finding the place though.  This was mainly due to tonnes of bad directions and questionable hand drawn diagrams which our hotel gave us.  We finally asked Police assistance and to our amazment, they drove us on the backs of their motorcycles right down to the door.   Went back to the hotel and found Mike fast asleep.   It was lights out for us too.  Shattered and dying for bed. Zzzzz

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