Our camp just outside Anur – Yazd (134km)

Day 89: Our camp just outside Anur – Yazd (134km) – Distance travelled so far 4,658km ” Dirty Headwinds, Make your own Kebab time and beautiful Yazd”

We woke at 6.30 this morning to a very cold desert. After filling our flasks we hit the road to complete the 130kms or so to Yazd.

The first stint was a gruelling 35kms with a nasty head wind. We were averaging a miserable 16km/hr but once we got to the other side of a small hill the wind died and our average speed soared. We stopped at a small town for an hour break where we gobbled up some cupa soup, bread, tuna fish, kiwi’s and cake. We eat like pigs on the road!

When we first started cycling way back in Thailand, our average speed was hovering around 15km/hr. It didn’t take too long to increase that to 18km/hr. These days (with normal road conditions) we are regularly push 20-22km/hr

In Iran, the roads are impeccable. Unfortunately the prevailing wind is right in our faces, so progress can be slow but when the wind gives us a break we reckon we could keep up with Sean Kelly or Stephen Roche (at their current age!!!) Today we got a break….

After our little feast we hit the road for a town call Mehriz that lay approximately 60kms away. With near perfect conditions we quickly picked up steam and hit the town in just over 2 hours. We were averaging close to 30km/hr. In Mehriz, we stop to have a feast of kebabs (delicious). They simply give you large “pitta” style bread, a bowl of onions, a bowl of roasted tomatoes, chunks of lemon slices, a bowl of fresh yogurt and kebab meat (What is Kebab meat?)…..We do not know what kebab meat is….but it tastes damn good….

A Perfect Iranian road. Hope “The Department of Transport” are watching!!

Paul burns down a hill.

Shadow theatrics

Brian fights through the glare of the sun amid traffic on route to Yazd

Who’s the man now…who’s the man now….

Morning time, Jackets still on

We think this to be an ancient ruins of an Iranian mosque.

We reach Yazd at approx 3:30pm….It is a fantastically beautiful place, bustling with trade and grand architecture….We shall stay at the Hotel Amir Chakhmagh for 2 nights, to unwind and soak up some of Yazd’s hotspots….After this we will head northwards again towards Qom and upwards to Dizin on the outskirts of Tehran where we plan to experience some of the Iranian snow season….We are eating up the kilometers and enjoying Iran to the maximum….What a class country…..

We would like to take this oppurtunity to sincerely thank everyone for the support they have given to both ourselves and our chosen charity, The Share a Dream Foundation thus far. You really have made a great and significant impact on some child’s life…..

Until the next time, thanks for reading our blog…….and keep those guestbook comments flying in!!!

Warm Regards/Slan agus beannacht

The lads.


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