Rafsanjan – Outside a place called Anur (119km)

Day 88: Rafsanjan – Outside a place called Anur (119km) – Distance travelled so far 4,524 km “More Iranian Hospitality, a puppy dog named Iranian Mongo and Operation Desert Storm”

Our sleeping quarters turned out to be a little different than our expected Glorious Mosque last night…..To cut a long story short…..there was slight smidgen of communication breakdown between the good pastor and ourselves as to whether or not we could in fact bed down in the magnificant enclosure of the Mosque for the night….

Yes…..The Mosque was indeed a no-go for us, but the good preacher hooked us up with alternative sleeping arrangements… and this came in the form of a school, approx 2 minutes down the road….It was a result in any event, so not securing the Mosque was not a biggie….but rest assured folks, WE WILL SLEEP IN A MOSQUE IN IRAN….

This morning we hit the road for 7am. The weather is comparable to an Irish Spring morning so it is fairly conducive to a good morning’s cycle. We are pretty lucky with the weather to be honest because, just over a month ago, Iran would have been icy cold in the mornings…Happy days for us it is!!!!

988 green bottles hanging on the wall……..

Oh deer!!…We haven’t seen one yet….

Woof Woof!!!! – Found this stray puppy blatenly abandoned in the middle of the desert

We toyed with the idea of bringing the little scamp (named both Mongo & Iran) back to Ireland, but trying to lug him around would have been too testing for both ourselves and the cute canine…We instead opted, to bring him to the nearest town (in Mikes pannier bag) and away from harms way…..We found some people at the town who promised to take care of him……Best solution and result all round we feel…..

Mike tries to see if somebody needs a puppy…..No joy here though

Too cool for ice-cream…..granted, they are not as good as Jimmy Whelan’s but for now they shall suffice!!!!!!!!!!!

Red beards 4 ever…Awww!!!!!!!!!!!…..

An Iranian underpass heading to Yazd….Different features are really exiting to us at the moment!!

Inside The Kebab Shop…and not a pint of beer in sight!!!!

More gifts from locals…Pistachios for the boys…Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free water melon, oranges and ki-wi’s too…Decided to eat these in a park to relax

Mouthwatering stuff….not bad watermelon either!!!!!!!!

Not every day you see a Camel crossing…….

Mike and Paul wait while Brian checks out accommodation options

Brian speaks candidly about “camping spots”

No Country for old Men

Baton down the hatches ….Stormy night in the desert means that we build up walls..Nice job Brian (and not a builder’s crack nor a spirit level in sight)

Cosytown…..fire…good food, craic and totally alone in the middle of Iranian desert…Perfect!!!!!!!!

Brian …those sardines are bubbling….

Middle of the desert …….Sardines on Toast …Delicious!!

…..but they are so dreamy!!!!


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