Kerman – Rafsanjan (109km)

Day 87: Kerman – Rafsanjan (109km) -Distance travelled so far 4,405km “The Iranian bleakness, the Iranian hospitality…and the matter of The Mosques”

We reached Kerman in Iran around 6pm feeling pretty shattered from the long stop/startish bus ride from Zahedan. We thankfully found nice lodgings Guesthouse Milad….Aghhh…Beds at last….Zzzz….

Tomorrow, we will take a day off, to recouperate and catch up on emails and general correspondance….

Kerman is a fairly big place with a decent amount of grocery stores and plenty of Kebab shops (and we are not even in Turkey yet!!)…There is no shortage of bread, cheeses and confectionaries here. Water is also drinkable in many parts which cuts down our expenditure on bottled water….

Enjoying a nice meal with some fairly static locals

A problem shared, is a problem halved

We met this guy on the morning we departed Kerman. He spoke of his woes and asked us some pretty deep questions (for 7am) such as;

1) What is the secret to happiness?

2) How do make my wife happy?

3) Does money bring me happiness?

After he kissed Mike on the neck, he took some of our words of wisdom on board, ie; (that he should hug/kiss his wife a little more ofter). We then made a swift exit from the guesthouse parking lot and onwards on our journey into the heart of The Islamic Republic of Iran (our 7th country)…..Its a good day, temparature 25 celcuis, with slight gusts moving down from the North….

Starting our 7th country, 3 months on the road….feeling good

Inscriptions on the hills of Iran…It’s a baron, harsh landscape here..

Paul complete with orange jug..

This orange jug was given to us by the good ould guesthouse staff back in Kerman……We used it with a water element to boil water for tea/cooking in places like hostels/rest areas etc….It works out great to fill our thermos flasks with boiling water for days on the road…..

Bread or “Nun” as it is refered to as in the local dialect Farsi….Some words are just invaluable….

I think they are getting prettier by the day…

Housing like this one is common sight here in the desert…

20km stretches of dead straight Iranian tarmac…Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!…..God bless ipods all the same

These guys pulled us over and offered us pistachio nuts and fig cakes….(It is worth pointing out that these gestures are very common practice in Iran)

Paul making light work of those Iranian tar and chips…

The Mosque in Rafsanjan…

As referred to earlier, Iranian people are extremely hospitable and are obliged by Muslim religion to help/assist any person in need. Mosques can be used as a place of shelter and sleep….of course by asking the caretaker’s permission)…We were let into this one after we signaled our intentions that we needed a place to sleep….It seemed to work out pretty well……

To Mosque or not to Mosque…that is the question!!

Behold our glorious bikes ….almost angelic in this picture, don’t you think?


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