The baron Balochistan

Arriving in Quetta

Lehri Sajji House, the kitchen at the side of the street

Lehri Sajji house is a restaurant in Quetta that we quickly fell in love with. It came highly recommended in the lonely planet and it didn’t disappoint. The kitchen is on the side of the street comprising of a large bbq surrounded by chicken and mutton skewers. We have really missed good old plan meat. We’re getting closer to home!

Succulent Chicken, a relief from spicy rice dishes

Our companions for diner

We sat beside a group of local Balochi businessmen for dinner. They informed us of Balochistans strief with Pakistan and knew a great deal about Northern Ireland’s history.

Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

We were lucky enough to catch the grandslam clincher in an internet cafe. We discovered a great website that allows us to watch an major sports event over the net. Doubt there were too many people watching a game of rugby in Pakistan that night!

An earthquake memorial in Quetta

Notice a lady called Mary Burke

A street in Quetta

Should we do a swop….

Lots of old cars and Vespa autorickshaw’s here

This kid demanded we take a pic


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