Days in Lahore

Days in Lahore: – Distance travelled so far 3,473 km “The Last of the Visa’s and Pakistani Protests”

We cycled into Lahore from the Wagha border (approx 30km).and were firstly greeted by some press photographers, who took some quick snaps of us. Nice way to keep a low profile we thought

Thaireland in yet another newspaper

The weather is damn hot though and we are pretty relieved to reach our hostel (The Regal Internet Hostel) in central Lahore….We shall stay in this hostel for the next couple of days to pick up our last visa (Iran) and to prepare for a long cycle into the belly of Pakistan…Whoo Hooo!!!!!!!!!

Our hostel is a funny place…housing a mish-mash of travellers who seem stranded waiting for visa’s to either Iran or India – (some being in Lahore for 3-4 weeks). We only plan to stay at the most 4-5 days………….

The current political situation is pretty tense so there is heavy police presence on the streets….Its all pretty relaxed though, therefore we do not feel overly threathened but having said that we are not going to take any risks in Lahore and going forward on our cycle through central Pakistan…..

Things are getting heated

The police wait for trouble

Lahore Fort, away from the protests

Kite festival in Lahore, a kid retrieves his kite

Shopping in Lahore, Mike purchases traditional dress of a Shalwar Kameez

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