Saraburi – Wan Muang (50km)

Day 2: 31st December 2008, Saraburi - Wan Muang (50km) –  Distance so far 122km “The Hill made by the Devil himself!!”

Woke at 7am and hit the road at 10am.   Had to go to a local bike shop to replenish our tube supply.   Went to the morning market to get breakfast (fresh fruit and nuts and water) and then hit the road.   Again we had to stick to the main road out of Saraburi for about 14km.   After this we ventured onto the more country roads which were relatively flat and quite by comparrison.  Stopped for lunch at a roadside stop where we had a combo meal of sardines in tomato sauce, bread, crisps, chocolate, coke and water (healthy right!!).  After our gassey lunch, we got back in the saddles under a Thai sun that would fry a decent sized omelette easily!! ha ha.  After a 8km cycle, we encountered a rather steep hill.  It was a hill approx 1km long (gradient 25 degrees).  We ended up dismounting our saddles and pushing our beasts of bikes the remainder of her.   After more puffing and panting than in a mediocre porn flick, we took a well deserved 15 minute break.  Cars and motorbikes struggled past us and trucks/buses were breaking down aorund us but we braved onwards for 10km.

Big Hill

After a relatively easy cycle to Wan Muang we prepared for our first night of camping (middle of a forrest at the edge of a  sunflower farm).   We set up our hammocks and mosquito nets, lit a good fire and cooked chicken fillets and rice which we purchased up the road.


Buying food is a very difficult task.  So we usaully resort to improvisation (flapping our wings or making chicken noises = chicken,  making pig noises etc etc)  As it was New Years Eve in Thailand and celebration time, we decided to do just that. CELEBRATE!!!  Picture this….Three Irish males walking in a remote region of Northern Thailand…it is pitch black…..we stumble across a family of 10 playing guitar and singing songs…..they look at us in a confused manner…..(as if we had been dropped from the sky!!)…. We were then asked to join in.   The feeling of being made welcomed was incredible.  We were offered coke, whiskey and chicken wings (which looked dodgy, but we could not insult them!!).   We played music into the night playing all the western songs they knew, which included Zombie by the Cranberries and Hotel California by the Eagles.   Not a word of English was spoken by them, nor a word of Thai by us but we had a brilliant night

New Years

Retired for the night to the serentiy of our campsite and to the comfort of our brand spanking new hammocks.

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