Mahendrangar – Pilibhit (78km)

Day 58: Mahendrangar – Pilibhit (78km) -Distance travelled so far 2,909 km “Entering India”

Mahendranger is only 5kms from the border so we got up early and had a not so good egg burger and got on the road. The Nepalese/Indian border crossing is very basic, on the Nepalese side we were greeted with a very basic imigration office.

A cow tries to sneak over the border

There is only a gravel road between the borders

Welcome to India. Two steal posts, how welcoming…

The Indian Imigration office complete with nest wasn’t much better

Brian tucks into some hardcore Rice Crispies complete with water and powder milk…yummy

The sacred cow

Basama is the Indian border town. Cycling down the main street we were greeted with loads of cows roaming the streets. Its a funny sight, we were surprised at how healthy they looked as there didn’t seem to be much grass around. We soon discovered their secret. Paul and Brian stopped at a shop to stock up while Mike watched the bikes, Mike then observed one cow root through a bag full of oranges that Brian had tided to the back of his bike, the cow proceeded to eat the oranges complete with skins. Cheeky Devil!

Brian in a Barley Field

Mike asks for directions and isn’t short of people to offer assistance

The bike tourers that we had met in Nepal had told us that we would not get a second to ourselves in Indian. When we stop for breaks a gathering quickly forms around us. Mike stop for directions and quickly was surrounded by curious locals. We wouldn’t mind so much if their directions were some way accurate but we seem to be getting completely different directions from everyone we ask. Most people in these gatherings just stand by and stare at us which is alittle creepy

Cattle dung seems to be the fire fuel of choice in India

A heavily load tractor

As we were looking for a place to stay in Pilibhit we were chased down a street by two guys on a bike how stopped us and began to ask some questions about what we thought of India. They then informed us that they were from the press, we were notable excited.

Dam Paparazzi

Day 59: Pilibhit – Lampur (125km) -Distance travelled so far 3,034 km “Indian Celebrities!”

The next morning we were getting even more attention from the locals than normal. A guy on a bike pulled up beside us and should us the reason why. Check it out…

Making headlines around the world!!!

The road out of Pilibhit was tererible, not a bit of tarmac to be seen, just gravel. We were hoping to put down over a hundred k today and road conditions like this were slow progress. Thankfully after 10km of dirt tracks we got what we were looking for. Smooth Tarmac, Wonderful

Crappy road!!

We were warned about food hygiene here, this is a restaurant kitchen

….and these guys are preparing some pastries

More crowds as we stop for a break, we’re beginning to see the funny side

A Man chills on the back of a sugar caine load

Cool huts

Bikes are used to transport everything and anything here

We pass a TATA truck manufacturing plant

The TATA truck has been a big part of our cycling lives since we entered Nepal. It seems to be the Truck of choice in Nepal and India. Truck owner like to get artistic with their machines and paint some very colourful design all over their trucks. We reckon the TATA has a top speed of about 40km/hr

Another incomplete TATA

We stopped at Lampur after completing a very respectible 125kms. Paul was egger to get to Delhi tomorrow so decided to pedal on to the next town and put down a whopping 155kms

Day 60: Lampur – Hapur (128km) -Distance travelled so far 3,162 km “Solo Paulo”

A nice early morning shot of India

Paul bumped into this guy who invited us to stay at his place after we leave Delhi for Pakistan

A TATA milk truck


Paul made it to Delhi and treated himself to some street chips

Anyone looking for a partner, This place can help!

Brian and Mike after a hard day on the dust roads to Delhi

Paul made it to Delhi after another long day of cycling while Brian and Mike stopped off at Hapur, 55kms from Delhi.

Day 61: Hapur – New Dehli (55km) -Distance travelled so far 3,217 km “Elepanfastic”

After almost 5 countries we had almost given up all hope of seeing an Elephant. About 2Kms out of Hapur Mike spotted the Holy Grail coming toward him. The owners spotted us and stopped up to let us take some pics.


Mike then fed Jumbo his lunch


After this great experience its back on our bikes to meet Paul in Delhi

A kid helps his father up the hill

We arrived in Delhi at 11am and after settling into our hostel we decided to treat ourselves to some good old western food. McDonald’s. We think we’ve earned it, its our first since Bangkok.

Unfortunately we had forgotten that the cow is sacred and beef isn’t on the menu. A chicken Big Mac is an extremely poor substitute. Think we’ll stick to the local grub!

We’ll spend a few days in Delhi sorting out our Pakistani and Iranian Visas and then head straight for the Border.
We’ve decided to visit the Taj Mahal tomorrow as its a Sunday so we can organise any visas. Should be great.


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