Kolapur – Chisopani (80km)

Day 56: Kolapur – Chisopani (80km) – Distance travelled so far 2,711 km “Man Bear Pig”

We found an internet cafe in Kolapur this morning so we decided to stay for a few hours in order to organise our Pakistani and Iranian Visas. We met these Beatles fans outside the cafe.

All You Need Is Love!

We met this odd couple outside Kolapur. We didn’t expect to see so many tourers on this route but thats 2 already

This guy stopped Brian on the side of the road to give him the traditional Hindu symbol on the forehead called Tika. He then stole Brians mobile phone and tried to sell it back to him down the road for an extortionate price. Dickhead. Luckily the police were on location to sort things out.

Monkeys in the Park

We cycled through a National park today and were lucky to see some Monkeys, Deer, Boar, Peacock and Rhino or possibly Elephant Poo! You decide.

No Splits, we estimate 27 Kuricks

Brian beside and impressive termite mound…..

Stayed too long in the National park, it was dark when we reached Chisopani

Stayed in a nice hotel/restaurant that night, had a quick bird bath and settled in for a nice Nepalese dinner.

Day 57: Chisopani – Mahendrangar (120km) – Distance travelled so far 2,831 km “A taste of India”

We set off early this morning after stocking up on a large supply of doughnuts (Brian purchased 13). It was too dark last night to take a snap of a fascinating bridge which we crossed entering Chisopani. Here’s a pic at 7am the next day.

This bridge was built by the Indians as part of a 22 bridge building project in Nepal

Mike likes to Brush his teeth on the road

The old pedal powered school busWe love anything bicycle we do!

Paul met this Truck driver in distress, he needed a jump start so being the Ox that he is Paul mucked in!!

American Female Pop singer seem to be very popular with the local males here

A pair of working Ox

Arriving into Mahendrangar we were getting a taste of what lies ahead in India. Crowds upon crowds of people on the road. Check out the vid…..

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