Butwal – Lamihi (114km)

Day 54: Butwal – Lamihi (114km) -Distance travelled so far 2,506 km “Wind, Sand and Dehydration”

Up till now when we stayed at a hostel we generally had breaky in a restaurant close by but we have found that this can slow us down greatly. So we have gotten into a routine of putting down 20+kms and buying some food along the way to cook up some breakfast.

This very helpful man let us know about the road ahead

A decent Shop Keeper

We found the double tier pricing for tourist and locals in Nepal to be very frustrating. This shop Keeper was the first decent guy we met. We purchased 6 eggs and 8 Doughnuts for about 80 cent. Score bouy!!

Breaky outside Butwal

Ladies aren’t afraid of physical work in Nepal!!!

Bling, Bling, Check out the Chain

Mike takes a breather to figure out the lyrics of a Chris Deburgh song(Don’t pay the Ferry Man)!!. Brian was quick to fill him in.

After the hills of Laos, China and northern Nepal we are relieved to find the flat planes in south Nepal. Now we are finding it easier to clock up the kms.We are told its nice and flat the whole way to Delhi(India). We were finding the going easy until noon. The conditions quickly changed. Check out the Vid


After finally reaching a town we stopped for supplies for the night and hoped to find a cheap hostel.

Some kids check out Brians bike

We thought this kid was a dead ringer for Colin Farrell

The kids love posing for photos here

We parked the bikes outside a hostel hoping to find a bed for the night but the room was a dive so we decided to camp. The Bikes look good though.

We found a perfect camping spot under a bridge

Yum Yum, Potatoes, Onions and Pasta

Camping under a bridge was great to fend off the morning dew which adds a couple of unwanted pounds to the tent.

Day 55: Lamihi – Kolapur (125km) – Distance travelled so far 2,631 km “Along hard day”

The constant attention from the locals is beginning to get extremely frustrating. We woke up at 6 this morning and prepared ourselves for the day ahead only to find this guy watching our every move. Weird!

Breaky on the Road, the crowd gathers…..

…..and gathers

Paul gets a great sendoff after breakfast

Paul and Brian share a special moment

Goats are the herd of choice here

We’ve had to adapt to life on the road!!!

We met a French Canadian couple today named Mark and Emily on route to Pokhara. They kindly gave us their Indian road map. Thanks again and good luck on the road ahead.

“He aint heavy, he’s my brother”

The roads of Nepal have generally been good but from time to time we are confronted
with this mess

The Gangga Jamuna River which we will follow all the way to the Border

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