Pokhara – Syangja (80km)

We were faced with a big 15km climb outside Pokhara

A typical Nepalese town

Day 52: Syangja – Tansen (70km) – Distance travelled so far 2,312 km “Same Same”

Kids going to school

Paul tucks in to his food paneer bag

Day 53: Tansen – Butwal (70km) – Distance travelled so far 2,382 km “Sweet flat road”

A huge dried up river

Cycling in south nepal we get to see in full light the reason for the nepalese electricity shortage. As we have said the main source of power in Nepal is hydroelectric. In the south every bridge we have come across had no water running below. No water no power

Locals take advantage of the lack of water by collecting stones that lie on the river bed

Ladies at work

Day 51: Pokhara – Syangja (80km) – Distance travelled so far 2,242 km “Last major hill in Nepal.”

Little donkey’s

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