Mahendrangar – Pilibhit (78km)

Day 58: Mahendrangar – Pilibhit (78km) -Distance travelled so far 2,909 km “Entering India”

Mahendranger is only 5kms from the border so we got up early and had a not so good egg burger and got on the road. The Nepalese/Indian border crossing is very basic, on the Nepalese side we were greeted with a very basic imigration office.

A cow tries to sneak over the border

There is only a gravel road between the borders

Welcome to India. Two steal posts, how welcoming…

The Indian Imigration office complete with nest wasn’t much better

Brian tucks into some hardcore Rice Crispies complete with water and powder milk…yummy

The sacred cow

Basama is the Indian border town. Cycling down the main street we were greeted with loads of cows roaming the streets. Its a funny sight, we were surprised at how healthy they looked as there didn’t seem to be much grass around. We soon discovered their secret. Paul and Brian stopped at a shop to stock up while Mike watched the bikes, Mike then observed one cow root through a bag full of oranges that Brian had tided to the back of his bike, the cow proceeded to eat the oranges complete with skins. Cheeky Devil!

Brian in a Barley Field

Mike asks for directions and isn’t short of people to offer assistance

The bike tourers that we had met in Nepal had told us that we would not get a second to ourselves in Indian. When we stop for breaks a gathering quickly forms around us. Mike stop for directions and quickly was surrounded by curious locals. We wouldn’t mind so much if their directions were some way accurate but we seem to be getting completely different directions from everyone we ask. Most people in these gatherings just stand by and stare at us which is alittle creepy

Cattle dung seems to be the fire fuel of choice in India

A heavily load tractor

As we were looking for a place to stay in Pilibhit we were chased down a street by two guys on a bike how stopped us and began to ask some questions about what we thought of India. They then informed us that they were from the press, we were notable excited.

Dam Paparazzi

Day 59: Pilibhit – Lampur (125km) -Distance travelled so far 3,034 km “Indian Celebrities!”

The next morning we were getting even more attention from the locals than normal. A guy on a bike pulled up beside us and should us the reason why. Check it out…

Making headlines around the world!!!

The road out of Pilibhit was tererible, not a bit of tarmac to be seen, just gravel. We were hoping to put down over a hundred k today and road conditions like this were slow progress. Thankfully after 10km of dirt tracks we got what we were looking for. Smooth Tarmac, Wonderful

Crappy road!!

We were warned about food hygiene here, this is a restaurant kitchen

….and these guys are preparing some pastries

More crowds as we stop for a break, we’re beginning to see the funny side

A Man chills on the back of a sugar caine load

Cool huts

Bikes are used to transport everything and anything here

We pass a TATA truck manufacturing plant

The TATA truck has been a big part of our cycling lives since we entered Nepal. It seems to be the Truck of choice in Nepal and India. Truck owner like to get artistic with their machines and paint some very colourful design all over their trucks. We reckon the TATA has a top speed of about 40km/hr

Another incomplete TATA

We stopped at Lampur after completing a very respectible 125kms. Paul was egger to get to Delhi tomorrow so decided to pedal on to the next town and put down a whopping 155kms

Day 60: Lampur – Hapur (128km) -Distance travelled so far 3,162 km “Solo Paulo”

A nice early morning shot of India

Paul bumped into this guy who invited us to stay at his place after we leave Delhi for Pakistan

A TATA milk truck


Paul made it to Delhi and treated himself to some street chips

Anyone looking for a partner, This place can help!

Brian and Mike after a hard day on the dust roads to Delhi

Paul made it to Delhi after another long day of cycling while Brian and Mike stopped off at Hapur, 55kms from Delhi.

Day 61: Hapur – New Dehli (55km) -Distance travelled so far 3,217 km “Elepanfastic”

After almost 5 countries we had almost given up all hope of seeing an Elephant. About 2Kms out of Hapur Mike spotted the Holy Grail coming toward him. The owners spotted us and stopped up to let us take some pics.


Mike then fed Jumbo his lunch


After this great experience its back on our bikes to meet Paul in Delhi

A kid helps his father up the hill

We arrived in Delhi at 11am and after settling into our hostel we decided to treat ourselves to some good old western food. McDonald’s. We think we’ve earned it, its our first since Bangkok.

Unfortunately we had forgotten that the cow is sacred and beef isn’t on the menu. A chicken Big Mac is an extremely poor substitute. Think we’ll stick to the local grub!

We’ll spend a few days in Delhi sorting out our Pakistani and Iranian Visas and then head straight for the Border.
We’ve decided to visit the Taj Mahal tomorrow as its a Sunday so we can organise any visas. Should be great.


Kolapur – Chisopani (80km)

Day 56: Kolapur – Chisopani (80km) – Distance travelled so far 2,711 km “Man Bear Pig”

We found an internet cafe in Kolapur this morning so we decided to stay for a few hours in order to organise our Pakistani and Iranian Visas. We met these Beatles fans outside the cafe.

All You Need Is Love!

We met this odd couple outside Kolapur. We didn’t expect to see so many tourers on this route but thats 2 already

This guy stopped Brian on the side of the road to give him the traditional Hindu symbol on the forehead called Tika. He then stole Brians mobile phone and tried to sell it back to him down the road for an extortionate price. Dickhead. Luckily the police were on location to sort things out.

Monkeys in the Park

We cycled through a National park today and were lucky to see some Monkeys, Deer, Boar, Peacock and Rhino or possibly Elephant Poo! You decide.

No Splits, we estimate 27 Kuricks

Brian beside and impressive termite mound…..

Stayed too long in the National park, it was dark when we reached Chisopani

Stayed in a nice hotel/restaurant that night, had a quick bird bath and settled in for a nice Nepalese dinner.

Day 57: Chisopani – Mahendrangar (120km) – Distance travelled so far 2,831 km “A taste of India”

We set off early this morning after stocking up on a large supply of doughnuts (Brian purchased 13). It was too dark last night to take a snap of a fascinating bridge which we crossed entering Chisopani. Here’s a pic at 7am the next day.

This bridge was built by the Indians as part of a 22 bridge building project in Nepal

Mike likes to Brush his teeth on the road

The old pedal powered school busWe love anything bicycle we do!

Paul met this Truck driver in distress, he needed a jump start so being the Ox that he is Paul mucked in!!

American Female Pop singer seem to be very popular with the local males here

A pair of working Ox

Arriving into Mahendrangar we were getting a taste of what lies ahead in India. Crowds upon crowds of people on the road. Check out the vid…..

Butwal – Lamihi (114km)

Day 54: Butwal – Lamihi (114km) -Distance travelled so far 2,506 km “Wind, Sand and Dehydration”

Up till now when we stayed at a hostel we generally had breaky in a restaurant close by but we have found that this can slow us down greatly. So we have gotten into a routine of putting down 20+kms and buying some food along the way to cook up some breakfast.

This very helpful man let us know about the road ahead

A decent Shop Keeper

We found the double tier pricing for tourist and locals in Nepal to be very frustrating. This shop Keeper was the first decent guy we met. We purchased 6 eggs and 8 Doughnuts for about 80 cent. Score bouy!!

Breaky outside Butwal

Ladies aren’t afraid of physical work in Nepal!!!

Bling, Bling, Check out the Chain

Mike takes a breather to figure out the lyrics of a Chris Deburgh song(Don’t pay the Ferry Man)!!. Brian was quick to fill him in.

After the hills of Laos, China and northern Nepal we are relieved to find the flat planes in south Nepal. Now we are finding it easier to clock up the kms.We are told its nice and flat the whole way to Delhi(India). We were finding the going easy until noon. The conditions quickly changed. Check out the Vid


After finally reaching a town we stopped for supplies for the night and hoped to find a cheap hostel.

Some kids check out Brians bike

We thought this kid was a dead ringer for Colin Farrell

The kids love posing for photos here

We parked the bikes outside a hostel hoping to find a bed for the night but the room was a dive so we decided to camp. The Bikes look good though.

We found a perfect camping spot under a bridge

Yum Yum, Potatoes, Onions and Pasta

Camping under a bridge was great to fend off the morning dew which adds a couple of unwanted pounds to the tent.

Day 55: Lamihi – Kolapur (125km) – Distance travelled so far 2,631 km “Along hard day”

The constant attention from the locals is beginning to get extremely frustrating. We woke up at 6 this morning and prepared ourselves for the day ahead only to find this guy watching our every move. Weird!

Breaky on the Road, the crowd gathers…..

…..and gathers

Paul gets a great sendoff after breakfast

Paul and Brian share a special moment

Goats are the herd of choice here

We’ve had to adapt to life on the road!!!

We met a French Canadian couple today named Mark and Emily on route to Pokhara. They kindly gave us their Indian road map. Thanks again and good luck on the road ahead.

“He aint heavy, he’s my brother”

The roads of Nepal have generally been good but from time to time we are confronted
with this mess

The Gangga Jamuna River which we will follow all the way to the Border

Pokhara – Syangja (80km)

We were faced with a big 15km climb outside Pokhara

A typical Nepalese town

Day 52: Syangja – Tansen (70km) – Distance travelled so far 2,312 km “Same Same”

Kids going to school

Paul tucks in to his food paneer bag

Day 53: Tansen – Butwal (70km) – Distance travelled so far 2,382 km “Sweet flat road”

A huge dried up river

Cycling in south nepal we get to see in full light the reason for the nepalese electricity shortage. As we have said the main source of power in Nepal is hydroelectric. In the south every bridge we have come across had no water running below. No water no power

Locals take advantage of the lack of water by collecting stones that lie on the river bed

Ladies at work

Day 51: Pokhara – Syangja (80km) – Distance travelled so far 2,242 km “Last major hill in Nepal.”

Little donkey’s

Pokhara – Syangja (80km)

Day 51: Pokhara – Syangja (80km) – Distance travelled so far 2,242 km “Last major hill in Nepal.”

We were faced with a big 15km climb outside Pokhara

A typical Nepalese town

Day 52: Syangja – Tansen (70km) – Distance travelled so far 2,312 km “Same Same”

Kids going to school

Paul tucks in to his food paneer bag

Day 53: Tansen – Butwal (70km) – Distance travelled so far 2,382 km “Sweet flat road”

A huge dried up river

Cycling in south nepal we get to see in full light the reason for the nepalese electricity shortage. As we have said the main source of power in Nepal is hydroelectric. In the south every bridge we have come across had no water running below. No water no power

Locals take advantage of the lack of water by collecting stones that lie on the river bed

Ladies at work

Little donkey’s

Pokhara (Rest Days)

Day 49 & 50: Pokhara (Rest Days) Distance travelled so far 2,182 km “Paragliding, Tree Chopping, Entering the Bat-Cave, The Surly Trucker and The Wedding Invitation”

Pokhara is a little gem of a place….Its vibrant and damn pretty to boot..and its where we are going to let our hair down for a day or two, park up the cycles and have some fun….If you ever visit Nepal, spend alot of it in Pokhara!!!!

We decide to start the morning with a full Irish Breakfast…..followed by a trip to some local bat caves….Fetch Alfred then!!!!!

Brian and Mike prepare to go deep into the caves….Away with ye lads!!!!!

….and such peaceful little scamps too

Blatant disregard to any cave warnings…..

Between a rock and a hard place……

Lets hope this “dust been” maker is still in the job!!!!!

After this funny little observation around the caves, we stumble across some tree-felling…….Enjoy!!!


We then do a tandem paraglide jump with the good folks at Sunrise Paragliding. Nepal is one of the best places in the world to paraglide so Brian and Mike were in their elements….as this is an activity which they regularly enjoy back home…. Great time was had on this one……

Mike and Paul asking about reserve parachutes…..

Paul ready to rock….Mike standing by…..No turning back now!!!!!

Brian mid flight at over 3500m…..

Nice shot of The Lakeside District of Pokhara

Whilst Brian went back to Kathmandu to collect his new bicycle, Mike and Paul were invited to a big wedding feast just outside Pokhara. We were treated like Kings whilst we were there….Check out some of the pics and footage….

Unusual tree roots on our way to our host family…..

Our Nepalese foster family….

Mike cautious around a frisky buffalo!!

Local housing….cosy out!!!

The Backstreet Boys

Nanu displaying her traditional nepalese/indian bridal hand designs…all in advance of the wedding ceremony

It is Nepalese tradition/custom to kill a goat to be eaten at the the wedding ceramony….We got to witness this today…..We do have some footage of the goat’s last supper…..


The Happy Couple…..Hip Pip…….Hurrrrahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!…..It is a pretty formal affair…and yes with lots of emphasis on money/gifts…..Agghhhh…Weddings…Got to love them!!!!!!!!!!!

Hindu for the afternoon….When in Rome!!!!!!!!

Enjoying the wedding reception….

The Wedding Feast

Beef or Salmon?……..Na….We will have the Goat, cauliflour and rice mish-mash thank you!!!!!…..Our wedding meal was also washed down with a glass of mineral water…..

No wedding is complete without some crazy dancing antics from the in-laws…..We observed the local dance patterns and quickly decided that we would turn up the heat on this wedding…..Thankfully Brian made it back in time (with the new bike) to display his tidy foot work….Check us out “lording the dance-floor”….

Of course we were quickly out-manouvered by a local woman “ridding the demons” from her soul…..Blast it!!!!!!!!!!!!….Quite bizzare stuff this one…..We reckoned she was milking it towards the end though!!


Once the wedding feast ended, we decided to prepare ourselves for a good 6-7 day cycle to the Indian border of Banbasa and onwards to New Dehli….We enjoyed Pokhara emensely…and it is definately a place where a potential re-visit is on the cards…..

Fairwells to Sibu (our host) and his family….

Good times at the Boral household

Onwards to India for Thaireland……..

Until the next day…take care

The lads

Kathmandu – Maleku (68km)

Day 46: Kathmandu – Maleku (68km) Distance travelled so far 2,051 km“Our meeting with The UN”

After our preparations in Kathmandu, we are ready to rock n’ roll again…rented bike n’ all!!!!….we are still very determined to cycle on no matter what….

Manic Streets of Kathmandu…People love using their hooters/bells/whistles here…Its just constant noise…24/7….Manic

Ready for Road again….Yahoo!!!

Taxi-Driver going over some road directions with us!!!

Meeting the UN on our way out of Kathmandu…The young lady to Brian’s right later got on her tippy-toes to even things up….Nice guys….It gets better though!!!

The Nenagh man

We then meet Sean from Nenagh, Co Tipperary….The UN are currently ensuring the compliance between Rebel soldiers and the Nepalese army since Peace Treaties were signed between them some time ago….All seems well according to Sean….Great laugh was had….Irish meeting Irish in the middle of Kathmandu!!!……Best of luck Sean and to all your UN crew….Very nice meeting you all…and thanks for the water too!!

Thaireland with the UN…Good Times!!!

Stopping for Lunch 35km outiside Kathmandu…..Folks here… puzzled by our presence….Incidentally….The young man in the middle of the picture is sporting an Avril Lavigne t-shirt…Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles are also adored by many 20-something year olds in these parts…..The food in this finely run establishment was D-O-D-G-E-Y out.

Young kids posing with us about 30 km from Maleku

Sun setting in our faces….Heading West….About time eh…..Yeahhhh!!!!!!

Reaching Maleku….Very famous region for smoked fish…..This shall also be our resting place tonight…..

Our shower for tonight…..Well…a bird bath to be exact….

Nice mattress!!!!!…..Yes that’s ours too…..1 room for 1 night for all three of us.. for just 2 euros…Sweet!!!

Could this be The Last Supper!!!!

Our family hosts..They also taught us some traditional Nepalese folk songs….Reson-Pi-Di-Di,,,,,Reson-Pi-Di-Di…..Reson-Pi-Di-Di…..You know how it goes…..

Day 47: Maleku – Damauli (80km) Distance travelled so far 2,131 km “Nothing to see here”

We hit the road to Damauli filled with French Toast and Sweet tea…..Its going to be a long rocky road to Damauli so we are on the road for 7:45am…..

About 25km in, we stop to have a gander at Nepal’s Giant Banyon Tree…Well it was free…so why not!!!

The Banyon Tree….

Nepalese traffic…..

Day 48: Damauli – Pokhara (51km) Distance travelled so far 2,182 km “Rocky road to Pokhara..but well worth it…..”

We left Damuali knowing that a short stint (4hrs) would led us to Pokhara. Pokhara is one of the main tourist hotspots in Nepal, offering world class paragliding/parasailing, bat-caving, treking, white water rafting and a whole host of other exiting stuff….

We stop about 20km for an early morning egg-fest….Check out our cooking skills…..

Breakfast Part 1

Breakfast Part 2

On entering Pokhara, we see many falcons thermaling over our heads. It is also a great time to enjoy some of the sites and people on the way

Brian chilling just outside Pokhara

A whiskey somehow affiliated with a hygiene product!!! Mmmmm…….No doubt there would be some pretty wild “visions” after this bit of tipple

We tried to get these two ladies to smile….Perhaps a potential Mona Lisa on the left????…You decide!!

We check into a place called The Yeti Guesthouse (Yeti’s do too exist!!!) and check out what Pokhara has to offer….Should be a good couple of days in a quality spot…..

Slan leat,

The Lads.

Tingri – Kathmandu

Day 44&45: Tingri – Kathmandu “Bye Bye Tibet……Nepal here we come…..but where is the light switch!!!!!”

After our unusual overnight stay in Tingri with its Yak “turd/poop” orientated stoves, we hit the road for Nepal. The morning is absolutley freezing and the road conditions are treacherous to say the least….

The trek from Tingri to the the border of Nepal came with one massive problem…. Ridiculous poor roads!!!!!

An unfortunate driver on an unfortunate road…..(FYI….there was a 1,000 meter drop to just off that side)

Paul got a little anxious……Outside his window was a sheer verticle drop of over 1,000 meters!!!! Ahghghghgh…….Yes his am white with absolute terror in this pic…..

Don’t Look down!!!!!!!

Us with Dako….Lunatic driver….The man that navigated us through the worst roads we have ever seen!!!

Arriving in Nepal and our first impressions….Really lush again and very picturesque….Ahhhhh!!

Terraced mountain farms in Nepal

We arrive in Kathmandu and to our suprise, it operates in a most unusual way….Powercuts….Yes thats right!!!!…There are powercuts during the week lasting for 8 or more hrs per day….and this has been going on for the last year or so. Because of the current water shortage in Nepal and coupled with its primary methods of electricity making (hydroelctric)….Nepal as a country cannot supply enough power supply for its own country…..

Aside from all this powercut lark……we get our cycling heads back on and begin to plan our Nepalese route which will start tomorrow….Brian has ordered his “new bike” from the US and it will take 5 days to air freight it to Kathmandu. But what will Brian do?????……..

Brian being Brian shall indeed cycle tomorrow…..but on a rented bike, and return again to Kathmandu in 5 days time to collect the new bike..


Brian’s rented GIANT bike for 5 days….All set again and ready for tomorrow morning!!!!…Happy days!!!

We decide to do some site-seeing for the remainder of Kathmandu….Check out some pics….

Some nice buildings in Durbar Square

Lean on me….

Brian purchasing some flags/stickers for the bike

Around Durbar Square

Until tomorrow folks….Please remember to keep signing the guestbook and to keep spreading the good word to all about our Charity – The Share A Dream Foundation….

The Lads.

Mt Qomolangma aka “Mount Everest”

Day 43: Mt Qomolangma aka “Mount Everest” - Everest Base Camp (5,500 meters) – “Looking at the top of the world

Our adventures at Mt Everest start today……We are very exited……..We depart Shigatse at 7am and head to Mt Qomolangma…Its a 7 hour journey so we keep the spirits as high as possible…..

We stop for Yak Noodles outside Lhatse on route to Everest…Yum yum Brian!!!

Cannot believe that animals survive out here….Arid landscape for miles to see!!!

The beauty that is Mt Everest from a far….Be patient….Base camp is next!!!

Just a little exited then!!!

A tasteful inscription just before Everest

The rooftop of the world….Mt Everest (8,848 meters)

Very proud moment for all….What a spectacle….Mother nature at its most wonderful

What cold!!!!!

Thaireland at Everest

Oh Sailor!!!!!

Some more fun!!!

Local transportation

…..more Everest

A lone wolf at Base Camp

Brian pondering a possible Everest summit….

Share a Dream

The North Face

Sheer beauty….no not you Brian….The Mountain!!!!!

Yak with wonky horn….but how do these animals survive up here!!!!!

After the mountain, we head towads Nepal, stoppping the night at a place called Tingri (last stop before Nepalese border)…We stay in a family run establishment called The Snow Leopard…Check out the video……


Lhasa to Shigatse

Day 42: Lhasa to Shigatse “Our move to Everest”

Our adventures of Mt Everest start today……We are very exited and we leave Lhasa for Shigatse (2nd largest city in Tibet)…

Leaving Lhasa for Shigatse

Our crazy driver “Dako”….Legend!!!!…..We also found out his secret to his happily married life…”perfume!!!!”

The Road Gang!!!

Local kids in Shigatse…Look out!!!

Food anyone!!!..Yes these were for sale folks!!!!

Shigatse proved to be a very tough spot to find any food….Apparently in Winter…places close down early….Luck for us we finally found a restaurant….

Tomorrow is Mount Everst folks so stay tuned….Night Zzzzzzz

The lads